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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by rachaelb, May 16, 2012.

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  1. i keep getting conflicting information just been told it is only 33 to pass the barb, and was told before it is 58% anyone know the actual pass mark?
  2. Have you considered calling your recruiting officer and asking him/her?
  3. Its 74% now.
  4. yep i asked the afco officer, he said 33 and the other person said 58
  5. 74% for ta aswell?
  6. why would it not be? Unless you only need to score 74% at weekends and the odd Tuesday night and 33% the rest of the time?
  7. I'd go with what he's said.
  8. no i mean for your initial barb tests
  9. What are you dribbling on about? You have a barb test, one. You're AFCO chap has said it's 33, so why question him?

    If you're on about pass mark % of the exams throughout your phase 2 then that's something entirely different.

    I hereby give you a score of 18% downsyndrome.
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  10. Unless they've changed how BARB tests work since I joined, 33 for a technical trade seems extremely low. I'm sure when I did Satisfied Soldier (ha!) it was 32 to join the infantry and I'm sure I had to get 60-odd to get into the Royal Signals as a Tech.

    That said, why not just do the test, see what you score and then see if you fancy the jobs on offer?
  11. no as i stated im on about the intial barb test you do only once nothing to do with basic tests atmI agreee 33 seems very low, so of course im going to question that but if thats what hes stated then maybe its true
  12. 33 does appear a bit low.

    Why not take the BARB, and see if you get the required score, instead of talking about it?
  13. i will just would like to have some accurate information instead of ppl guessworking seems they dont all know
  14. It doesn't matter what the score is. You either get the required mark, or you don't.

    I fail to see why the score is so important.

    Just take the bloody test.
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  15. What is the HPS on the BARB Tests?

    I hope that 33 isn’t 33%.....being wrong 2 out of 3 times is not a good start for a job in which you have to be right all the time every time!

    Remember the quote:

    “We (the IRA) only have to be lucky once, you (EOD) have to be lucky every time!”.