EOD and living far away

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by A_JC, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. I liked the look of joining the TA and learning the EOD stuff in particular, but since the only guys that do this are down in london and I am 4 hours away studying in York it means a lot of travelling. Any idea if that arrangement would work out? I think I can cope with doing it once a week and on weekends.

    If that was doable, how does the squadron get assigned? Roll a dice and phone one up or go through a recruitment center?

  2. Go here

    There are posts regarding many S London Units, but also some stuff I put on ref 101 Engr Regt EOD. I know of a number of far flung blokes who made the trips on a regular basis. Not fully up to speed on the travelling expenses and whether the unit would be happy to fork out - budgets being the main driver these days. You never know. Be aware that 101 do nearly all their training in the south. In your initial training you would not be touching much EOD, so it may be an idea to join "any old" unit close by, get the basics out of the way, then when and if you move south after your studies are complete, join 101.
    Check the links, contact RHQ. Ref Sqn assignment, the "nearest" to you is in Holloway.
    Good luck.
  3. I can tell you as ex 101 and having an Ex misuses in York that, mate it's not worth it, the commute down is bad and no mater how much fun blowing stuff up at the weekend let alone the one back up!
    If you want to go RE then 75 in Manchester might be a bit better, but sorry to dampen your enthusiasm but not 101.
    They are a good lot but bomb Dr stuff isn’t all that.

    But saying that Hurrah for the CRE
  4. York might be do-able for weekends - I am in a specialist unit and people come from NI, Channel Islands, northern Scotland - but it's a non-starter for Tuesday nights. You will finish at 2130 - so you could catch the last train out of Kings Cross at 2200, getting you in well after midnight...

    The other problem you will have is that joining a unit of a given corps which is not the nearest to your home has to be justified. There is a box to fill in on the transfer form (and I guess the joining form) where you have to give your reasons.

    Those who live a long way from independent units tend to be those who have moved away and kept their ties.

    Plus, it's the TERRITORIAL Army!
  5. I agree with clown basher - I was a 'long distance runner' up and down the East Coast mainline for 2 - 3 years in the 90s but that was because I was already in that unit and was working away.

    You really need to be in a unit close to where you live, especially when you first join. The amount of time you need to put in to get your recruit training done will mean you need to do Weekday evenings as well as weekends and that is impossible from that distance.

    It is a possibility once you have done your initial training but it depends on the unit concerned and their travel budget as to whether they are willing to pay for your travel. This will depend on how well recruited they are and how badly they need you. If they do there is no real problem, you claim for travel from residence to place of duty (RPOD) as anyone else does. It is still harder to put the commitment in as a long distance runner but by no means impossible.

    So if you're interested get yourself into a more local unit and start training - you can always look at transferring at a later date.