EOD 10 Liner?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by downunder87, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the contents of an EOD/IED/UXO 10 Liner, if it is even used anymore.
  2. Yes it is, and don't worry, you will get to know it very well when you deploy.
  3. Most units issue it on a card, with the med 9 liner on the other side.

    Just to confuse matters, the yanks use a 9 liner for requesting EOD.
  4. It is in both the soldier (notepad form) and officer (TAM form) aide memoirs which you will get prior to deploying. Both very, very useful.
  5. I did have it written down once but that went missing, can anyone tell me the contents of the 10 liner
  6. nope not on here!
  7. Why not, you buffoon?
  8. oh dear, who rattled your cage?.....why dont you post the EOD 10 liner on here?
  9. Because I can't remember it verbatum. There was never going to be a requirement for me to write one.
  10. I havent checked, I'm sat at home, but what is the protective marking of the TAM the 10 liner is written in?

    I know a content explanation of the 10 liner isnt exactly "loose lips sink ships" but if the TAM is PM, then it isnt at the discretion of anyone to change that and offer up information.
  11. It can't be PM if RVOPS have it on a rite in the rain sheet.

    I'll have a look for the card

    If you go onto DII its on there under current ops IIRC
  12. It is PM.

    It is available from the intranet at (MOD) work.
  13. Cheers i'll take a look
  14. thats why i didnt post it on here! i have a copy of the EOD 10 liner in my Tams which i have used on current ops. but as im away at mo on leave i dont usually take my Tams including the EOD 10 liner with me...never really needed it to order a pint down my local....can imagine the conversation in a pub, "hang on bar man, take a knee and stand by for some QBOS!"

    Dingerr you MUG!
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