Environmentalists - Burn em all

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Last night on Radio 5, some hippy dope smoking eco warrior stated that families in the UK should be limited to 2 children per family to "help save the planet".

    I have a better idea. Every eco warrior, animal rights protesters and the like should gather in one big field and commit mass suicide. That way, they would be helping the planet by not consuming any more carbon fuels, they wont have a carbon footprint, and their bodies can be turned into compost - everyones a winner!!

  2. Considering that its supposed to cost £153.000 to raise a child from birth to age 21, I'm surprised that the average couple can afford more than two kids.
    The average salary currently stands at around £23.500, so for a working couple bringing in £47.000 PA to opt for that third child will cost them a total of almost £22.000 PA or almost half their annual income.
    Obviously, there are plenty of variables. Some benefit scrounging untermensch couple with a troop of grubby, illiterate offspring clearly don't spend anywhere near as much on their brats. Whereas, friends of mine, if they have any children at all, mostly only have one who will be costing them a small fortune in ponies, music/dance lessons and private school fees.
    Kids? no thanks, I'd rather stay solvent, sane and hirsute.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I was pretty sure the UK child/woman ration was at or very close to 2 anyway.
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

  5. my point is, where do we draw the line to be "Environmentaly friendly". Im all for recycling and turning off the heating when I dont need it because it saves me money, but having some jumped up eco warrior who saves the environment by not washing tell me how what where etc does my bloody suade in
  6. But as the eco-warriors decompose they will give off CO2 thereby damaging the environment (allegedly). Damn - no way to get rid of them.

    Suggestions on a re-cycled postcard please
  7. And what's with all this carbon footprint malarky?
    It's a very 'in' word at the moment. It was mentioned more then once yesterday.
    Had my shop inspected by the council for my trading license, and the eco-bitch had the neck to suggest that i could replace my electrical equipment (clippers/dryers) with manual options ?!? WTF !! I'd probably make about a quarter of my expected income if i went that way...yeah, alright luv, i'll have a think about it :x
  8. ...obviously there will be some CO2 given off, but plantlife can deal with this ...

    If you get rid of them in large enough numbers, you will be recycling them (which surely they should agree with in life) thereby, over time, replenishing fossil fuels already used. In the meantime, there is the methane given off which could be used for "community" heating - problem solved :D
  9. Plantlife dealing with pondlife. Has a nice ring to it!
  10. No doubt this dope smoking hippie is on welfare. Who does it think is going to pay for its dole money if people are discouraged from having kids? On this subject, why am I prosecuted for running a pyramid scheme, but the government is allowed to run one and force me under pain of imprisonment to join in? Nurse! Pipe, slippers and medication please!

    Anyway. Burn them all!
  11. Whats this government pyramid scheme Stoatman?

    An answer which is something more original than "taxation" required.

  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, yes, burn them all, but doesn't smoking pot create greenhouse gasses? And what about all that climbing over fences, shouting through loudhailers and the like? Doesn't that make one breath faster? And what about eating all those vegetables then eh? Double edged sword if you ask me; you've got the wanton destruction-for-consumption of plants that absorb C02, followed by the methane created from much f@rting thereafter!

    I bet those cnuts wear leather shoes and boots too! What's that doing to the wildlife they claim to protect!!!!

    Cnuts, burn them!
  13. The trouble with too many of these characters is they get their facts wrong, and minor tampering with our birth rate is not going to make much difference when you consider India is growing at over 1% per year and will overtake China before to long With India adding 15M extra mouths a year to the world population fiddling about with our reproductive rate is pissing in the wind.

    The problem is these guys have some good ideas and then get up every ones nose by applying these ideas wrongly, using bad science and sometimes down right lies.

    The growth in the worlds population is a problem, this has been recognised for some time and China has taken serious action to try to stem the flood. In India though their plans were junked after one of the Ghandi kids was found to be telling porkies to get blokes to have the snip.
  14. What's all this talk of killing? Ever hear of slave labour? The fact that almost all these mongs are white will allow us to enslave them without the obligatory mewling about Human Rights.Now, it will take a while, and substantial die-off to develope any muscle tone, but if we can make them whip eachother with lead chains, then we can achieve both discipline AND fitness in one fell swoop. Exhilarating......
  15. Quite frankly I don't believe all this carbon foot print piffle, it would just appear that it's just another way the Gov can screw more cash out of us.

    So rather than getting of some silly bus or train when I travel to Londonshire town, I'm flying then getting into my actually tractor and driving around Chelsea whilst smoking a really really big Cuban (made in a really nice sweat shop)

    I would agree with getting these green lefty liberals in a sub-human sweat shop, that would actually give them something to moan about...
    but sorry can't hear them over the heavy machinery they will be forced to use.