Environmental Health

There isn't a lot of info around on this topic. Ive read the army website and the training offered looks good. Is anyone in EH or can give me further info on it?

Chandysbud, the Env Hlth Tech training these days is very good. All of our new technicians now undertake a foundation degree course run jointly by DMSTC and Middlesex University. Competition for a place on the course is quiet strong. There is only one intake a year to the trade and only 5 places available (the rest go to the RAF as we train with them these days). A selection day is run each year for potential techs. The last one which was held in Nov/Dec time, had 10 applicants a mixture of people applying direct from civi street and the rest trying to transfer from within the Army.

The job itself is good. The trade covers a number of areas including food safety, occupational health and safety, disease control, field sanitation, vector control and various over areas. Can be boring at times, but what job isn't. We get involved in a lot of Ops and overseas exercises and as there are only approx 75 techs there is a good chance to get away if that is what you want to do.

If you want more info just PM me.

Darth Tater has hit the nail on the head. Its a good trade, with plenty of opportunity to get out and about around the units you support. Plus, everytime the Army goes out the door these days, it takes a drain sniffer or two. So - good quals, plenty of travel, decent bunch of lads (we have a few cnuts - who doesnt?) and you see the whole of the Army. I managed to realise my ambition of driving a BIG DIGGER truck when I was on EX in Jordan (a long time ago!)............ just got to get myself down to 17 Sports and Past Times to have a go with a train. Not so worried about being an astronaut though, cos I share an office with an alien 8O and work for a space cadet :mrgreen: .

So, let us know if your still interested.
Yea, I gotta agree - it is one of the more interesting jobs in the medical services. It sure beats (re)packing canvass for a living! The job keeps you busy, you're never short of exercises and tours, and the qualifications are sound. Also, it provides you with a trade to take out onto civvy street - I should know, I'm there now after some years as a tech and I've had no problems finding decently paid work.

Best regards.