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Should EHTs move to Med Regts?

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Having read a number of threads recently it seems that there aren't too many sniffers on ARRSE!

Any comments on the movement of EHTs to Med Regiments?

Declare yourselves now you rat catching shit eaters!!
well tbh, they are RAMC they should be pooled like the rest of us expendables :p not only that EHT are kinda forgotten about they should be able to mix it with the rest of the AMS and maybe all can learn a bit from each other. make it so no.1..........engage
Drainsniffer said:
there aren't too many sniffers on ARRSE!
ARRSE sniffers?? that would be just plain rude!!!! and dirty :donut:
Wee man


Drainsniffer said:
Having read a number of threads recently it seems that there aren't too many sniffers on ARRSE!

Any comments on the movement of EHTs to Med Regiments?

Declare yourselves now you rat catching s*** eaters!!
Ther's a Chelski fan that roams this site and he maybe a DTL digger, so he may comment.
There are already individuals at Med Regt but there are no plans as of yet to locate teams within the Regt. The Cadre does however need to be sorted out as to where they are to be located - Div or Bde but definetly not at Regt. Up the Sniffers. :numberone:
My old joints are too stiff these days to be painting boxes or sweeping up leaves. The majority of EHT's that are currently posted in Med Regt's are not allowed to do there job and are used to supplement the Med Regt's dwindling numbers because the CMT cadre cannot offer much in the way of retention. They are also employed doing crap jobs like expense stores and therefore suffer from skill fade when posted back to a normal health team. I say ram it!!!!!!
Totally agree with you OUTCAST. There is a lot of skill fade with the EHT at Med Regt and the Heirarchy at them i am sure dont understand the job so they bung them anywhere.
I also agree. The Dark Powers that sway the direction of EH will probably try to move teams to Med Regts in attempt to provide operational focus and protect the CEG. It is becoming much more difficult to justify the infra role, with everyone analyzing everything so closely and compensatory reductions in the limelight at HLB / TLB and Corps levels.

If it does happen, you can bet it will only affect OR1 to OF3, with no shift of role for the big cheesers.

So you had better all brush up on those UEHD skils, cos it's swingfog polishing time!
It can work quite well (it certainly has worked in the past) but only if certain criteria are met - ie 'top cover' support from Bde/Div EH personnel for regional (infra) work between deployments and full integration into theatre EH assets when deployed.

Recent individuals filling Med Regt posts have become disillusioned due to being misemployed - ie we train them to foundation degree level or higher and then allow them to be used to run expense store accounts. All fine if they have a fetish for cyalumes, batteries and bin-bags but when they hop over to Civvy EH with their qual's it shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us.

I think our main effort should focus on the specialist roles such as EMT, MHIT/DEOH, closely followed by direct operational support to in-theatre formations and regional forces (in that order of priority) rather than attempting to fill Med Regt LSN's at the cost of losing our Junior Tech's.
Ah, the soldier termite! Disproportionally large head if memory serves.

Some fair comments, but I would offer this:

I can only think of this 'working' where AA or Cdo assets have been involved and only then because of the strong and very able personalities involved. Stick your average bod in a Med Regt and they are most useful in a store providing 'statistical governance' to some wily old LE.

I feel for the JRs stuck in this position, this is a policy management issue that has been on the back burner for years. The techs should try and staff their concerns through the CoC.

Finally, if you think the trades future is in specialised posts like EMT and MHIT where do you think these should sit? I cannot see EMT getting office space at 5GSMR?
The current distribution of Techs should be reviewed. Yes we need to become more Operationally focused, but whilst still maintaining the same level of support that we provide at Infrastructure Divisions. Surely the best way to provide this is not from Med Regts but from Bde HQ, whilst being affiliated to Med Regts. The best of both worlds??

Smaller teams closer to the population at risk, taking on more day to day things around the Bde AOR would be more beneficial, both to Units and the EHTs. The current CoC could remain in place as Bde reports to Div. It would also open up more posting locations to the Cadre, and move away from the “Super teams” that are starting to form with people empire building, thus keeping more people in the spotlight rather that the grey area at the back of the team office.

The old arguement of EHT are in Med Regts to maintain the EHT ET is old and outdated, speak to most and the Regt doesn't hold the kit or it is still waiting for the ET rewrite which has been going on for years.
Best of both worlds????? Must have been a CMT at one stage of your life.
The only problem with smaller teams at Bde level is that whenever individuals are sent on Ops, the Bde gets no support for the duration or very limited support with whoever is left behind taking on a reactionary role. This would also be going full cycle back to where we were 6 years ago especially in the Ifra Divs. The answer may be to have the main team at Div level with satellites at Bde level responsible for the Bde AOR. If individuals are deployed, these satellites can be covered from Div resources. Obviously that would throw up questions over responsibilities which would have to be clearly defined in the beginning. The divisional team could be responsible for policy, training and environmental monitoring leaving Bde teams to carry out audits and the normal day to day tasks.



Bloody sprogs, Cant think of something original but we know who you are drain_sniffer
See, the whole trade could be fixed by talking on arrse as opposed to the normal talking out of your arse that goes on at quarterly meetings. And drain_sniffer, think drainsniffer has you on seniority. :)
I dont have any origional thoughts, like alot of people I know..and if you know who I am, then Im pleased people think of me as a sprog, or is it some people dont like tfi's?

As for the med regt, it has a lot of pro's as well as cons, but what it does need is leadership with a pair of brass ones to stand up and be counted when unit QM's whant to abuse staff. I personally feel that the Bde set up is more suited under FAS, with an SO2 at Div.

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