Didn't notice this forum before
Anyone know the official line on enuresis (nocturnal), regarding severity / length of time since last suffered?

I no longer suffer although occasionally take a prescription if I need to be sure.
Its OK, after a while its almost expected to swamp either yours or your mates pit after a sound night out, so you won't feel out of place.
Ventress said:
I thought it was a requirement when I joined up!
Venty I believe you are getting confused with taking the p1ss!!!! :wink:

Although you are right, there used to be many a sheet in the drying room on Saturday and Sunday morning for those who were at 22 Fd end of the 80's early 90's make that every day of the week!!!!.

Better that than a Grand Slam!!!!.

There have been some top laggers in the Corps over the years but my vote goes to a certain Sgt busted to Pte over the QEMH pi*sing in a suitcase incident in 89. I was at 4 Armd with him, never failed to lag!. Those who know him I am sure will agree!!.

DDH believe me I wouldn't worry, join up as a CMT and you will fit right in should you have a relapse!!!!
You have to be 'dry' for at least 2 years to pass medical. If you are still taking prescription, then it doesn't sound like you have been. Alternatively... take a chance and lie (but you may get found out)... the choice is yours.

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