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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rhodesas01, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. hello I'm just enquiring for a mate he's currently going blind in one eye and he would like to join the army but sometime in the future he is getting a eye transplant with him having a eye transplant would he be aloud to join ?
  2. Terminator?

    Arnie? Are you back?
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  3. Dont be silly bugger off!
  4. Oh and if he finds the place where he can get an eye transplant let me know.Stupid bastard


    Got a be one of the brainless aint it
  5. The Navy will take him.

    And the Foreign Legion circa 1947, you have to be German and a former Waffen SS officer for that though.
  6. Let Gordon Brown know too I'm sure he'd love a fresh pair of eyes to see the world through.
  7. sorry i might be wrong actually its probably a operation on his eye.
  8. Some times I despair of the half wits and their "friends " who are on here and in the infantry forum too.
  9. <peter_kay>
    Eye transplant?
    EYE transplant?
    eye TRANSplant?

    **** off you dobber
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  10. Did you inadvertantly pull out and **** in it at the wrong moment?
  11. It's been made perfectly clear in numerous threads: An infantryman must have the physique of Michelangelo's David, the physiognomy of Adonis, the cunning of Reynard, the sure-footedness of an ibex, the stealth of a leopard. And two ******* eyes.
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  12. I reckon the COs sit up all night writing these posts. Like they are the zookeepers throwing fish to us, the penguins.

    I can't think of any other rational explanation.

    I still chuckle thinking about thr Daniel's **** ear thread.

  13. When his mate has his eye removed do you think he will let him pop his bell end in there just to see what it feels like?
  14. "Sneaky cnut" is also acceptable
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Not open for further replies.