Entry to RMAS - Sep or Jan?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by la_singe, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick one,

    Have secured a place at Sandhurst, was looking to start this September but have been offered a short term job sailing in the Caribbean, August to October. Very tempted to take it, only slight issue I have is that I'm 23 now, due to be 24 in October.

    Will starting RMAS at 24 be to my detriment, or should I go for it? Your experiences/opinions would be most helpful.

    Thanks guys
  2. Go sailing, RMAS will wait. being 24 wont matter at all unless you want to go infantry in which case it wont matter enough to worry about.
  3. Go!!!
  4. Go sailing, for the love of God!
  5. Yeah definitely go mate!
  6. Hi,
    could you elaborate a bit on this please?

    I really want to make it as an Infantry Officer, I have had a look into all the other corps and I have to be honest none of them really appeal to me as much as the infantry. I'm 27 and I'm so worried my age will stop me from getting where I want to be.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Check with RMAS. Under the latest iteration of Sandhurst entry (I'm not sure if it's in place yet), you will be contractually bound to enter RMAS on the date you say you are going to, and the offer of a place may be withdrawn if you don't.
  8. Hi Xoums,

    You'll come across this issue if you pursue a career in the Infantry. I believe the general feeling is that Infantry regiments would rather have candidates under 25. That's not to say they do not commission older chaps, far from it but you have consider that when faced with a pair of otherwise identical Ocdts, one of whom is 27+ the other 23, a Regimental Selection Board would probably go for the younger one. At least that how it was put to me in one interview.

    I'm in the AOSB process waiting to sit my main board and like you am 27. My initial ambitions were solely Infantry regiments however having been on a few FAM visits my horizons have been broadened somewhat. I'm still greatly interested in the Infantry and will continue to pursue it until told to piss off. I've been offered sponsorship by 2 Infantry Regts both of whom have been very positive about me but have urged caution that my age may not be all that helpful.

    Perhaps someone better qualified can shed some more light on these issue but i'm pretty sure there are other threads on the subject - Have a search for 'comissioning at 26+ shows a lack of commitment' or words to that effect, there was quite a lengthy discussion on the subject if I recall.

  9. dd
  10. Xoums - I think the logic is that most infantry privates will be 17-18, and they think younger officers would be able to lead/relate to them far better. That's what I heard when I spoke to RAnglian.
  11. yes that's what I was told. It is also a matter of harmony within the officers mess amongst the junior officers, the younger officers might resent the older officers( of the same rank) because of their maturity ect...And vice versa.

    However I was also told that the age of regular recruits seems to have increased a little somewhat and that some Infantry regiments were more accepting than others to take on older junior officers. I was specifically told of the case of a 28 year old receiving a commission with the Paras.

    Either way I'm determined and committed to make it in the Infantry and I shall do all I can to prove that I am worthy and fit enough even if it means pushing myself harder than ever.
  12. I would hope anyway as long as you are a good bloke the age thing would only be a initial hurdle when you are a new subbie.

    I speak only as a outsider who was offered sponsorship by the RAnglian at 25 and now with a TA unit based out the regiment (as a private for the time being).
  13. Good luck Xoums, I'm in in similar boat myself age-wise!
  14. January intake much better, feels like a real year and you get inters in the summer (most free time). Less thrusters as well.

    GDSB - they're much better than a January Worst Encounter and February Druids!
  15. My point exactly!