Entry to Ireland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gemsipot, May 6, 2011.

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  1. I'm may have to travel to southern Ireland in a few weeks and was wondering if there is anything I need to clear or declare before hand with my unit or ports etc, just for a few days, will be going on a Ferry with the car and family.
  2. Are you in an especially sensitive role or one with high-level clearance? If not, I can't see there being a problem.
  3. You used to have to ask permission to enter Ireland, and give your unit details of your stay IIRC. Dunno if this is the case?
  4. Blokes go fishing over there quite often without informing anyone (except the missus of course).
  5. Why does your missus need to know?
  6. So she can book me for the weekend
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  7. Saves FSJ a chore I guess! :)
  8. She's the CO.
  9. Aren't they all? ;-)
  10. This might be just the time. Go now, Her Majesty has been the Pathfinder. Roll up at an Irish Army mess with a unit plaque and a tie for the boss, invite yourself to their local, tell warry stories together - and find where the best fishing is. (Oops, just noticed you will have a family in tow).

    PS Tell your own boss and the company which insures your car. (most insurances include ROI anyway.)
  11. No you don't. However, the boys in the CRAC (Central risk assessment cell) in 38 Bde suggest giving them a call beforehand so they can advise you on areas worth avoiding.
  12. Or You could PM one of us Locals and we can give you the heads up ;-)