Entry Test for the Intl Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by brandy, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me about the entry test for the Intelligence Corps. I hear there is a lot of competition.
    I would like to try for a commission into the Intelligence Corps, but am wondering of the test is just going to be too tough.


  2. Target will fall when hit, watch and shoot, watch and shoot.

    Seriously, that has got to be the invitation of the century to a flogging.
  3. Would that be a yes it is hard or no it isn't? A simple answer will suffice.
  4. As a soldier: SSG 1

    As an Officer: Usual route. Then try the bizarre 'fam visit' and see if you like it.

    I can tell you now that there is no 'liaison visit' to foreign embassies, Lotus cars, roof-top black tie assignations with stunning ex-KGB operators, miniature watches with rappelling wires, or anything else.

    You will find a decent group of individuals and some Walts. Good luck. :D

    Also, the Int Corps are expanding by 31% over the next 3 years, so get in there now!!
  5. Hard relative to what?
    Harder than the "11 plus" - yes.
    Harder than a Msc. in particle physics - no.
  6. Choosy Corps. Face fitting an issue. Highly political, easy to piss people off.

    Hard difficult rather than hard Para.
  7. Jesus Christ I'm tired of this.
    Listen in, pups. When uncle Gizzit and all his pals were going through RCB, Regtl visits, various tests, and Week 22, there was no Arrse.

    Believe it or not. we got through without an enormous need to check very single detail out before attending various stages of the selection process.
    We asked our muckers what we could vaguely expect, read The Economist on the train down to Westbury. crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. And guess what, we made it.

    We didn't spend countless hours on a bloody website posting bone questions to which we expected the DS answer to give us that edge. In fact, I think it will count against you - if you go pre packaged with answers about what Offrs are supposed to be like that you've picked up here, then you, pal, are destined to look like a chod.

    As sleeper says, hard relative to what? If you are stupid, then yes you will find it very difficult. If you are good at extracting the particular from a mass of information, can think on your feet, and have some kind of innate feel for language, then it will be easier.

    What you're essentially saying is that if the Int Corps test is too hard, then you'll jack it in before the first hurdle. Get a grip, man. Try it.
  8. True, but you must admit-they have let some verrrrrry strange people in over the years
  9. Actually, before you do anything, I'd suggest checking out their Mess kit.

    You. Will. Not. Pull. Chicks. Wearing. That.
  10. A degree of truth in that, but then they tend either to throw them overboard into other Corps or let them retire, so I guess it all works out in the end...
  11. What is their Mess Kit like then?
  12. I actually do not feel the need to check every single detail of the process, however, coming from a non military background, I thought it would be a good idea to get some insight from people who have been or are going through the process or in the corps I am interested in.

    I certainly don't expect some DS to give me the complete low down on the whole recruitment process otherwise there would no point in it.

    I am NOT the sort of person who gives up easily and if offered the chance I will certainly try the MI test as I am definately NOT stupid.

    Maybe I didn't word my question in the best way possible.

    What I really would like to know is is of the number of those who apply for the Intelligence Corps, how many of them are accepted?
  13. You definitely CAN'T spell 'definitely'.

    Mess kit? Snot green with beige facings. Looks like the kind of thing you might find in a three-year old hanky you've just discovered down the back of the sofa.[/img]
  14. Brandy, fair enough.

    However, I don't feel that many people in this forum will have the information you need (other than heresay). If you want an absolute answer to your question can I suggest that you submit a FOI request to the MOD. They will have to reply within 10 working days I think. Good luck.
  15. Well, if that is the only word I CAN'T spell, then I am not doing too badly considering how many words there are in the English language.

    I am sure the green and beige suits you down to the ground Gizzit.
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