Entry routes to QARANC



Have been reading that to be an Officer in QAs, you need to be a RGN/RMN for at least two years. Then somewhere else it advises me that if I apply and successfully receive an Officer Bursary in my first two years at uni, I go straight to Sandhurst upon qualification??

If this is correct, why is the opportunity not given to people that enter as a Student Nurse?

May be missing something here so clarification would be good,

I applied to transfer to the QAs as a psych nurse few years ago (turned down because I'm blind as a bat), but I was told in one of the interviews I had with various QA people that it was possible to apply for a commission six months after finishing the nursing degree.
I'm sure I'm not the only bod on here that can think and has experience of three very good entry routes into QAs, but sadly they don't answer your question...

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