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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kana, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. hiya.
    i want to enroll as an officer. my vision will not meet entry requirements because it is very poor in my right eye. is it possible to get a waiver? do they really care. Am i more likely to get in if i try to enter a different way? thanks very much.
  2. I think you may wish to enlist as opposed to enrol!

    How do you know your eyesight is not up to the required standard?

    I doubt very much that you will get a waiver for eyesight, especially in the right eye, and yes "they" do really care.

    The only sure way to find out is to get an opticians report and enquire at the AFCO / ACIO / Online Office.
  3. Do you mean if you enter up the back passage :?
  4. Kana,

    With litery skills like those uve just displayed, i'll doubt they'll let you in at all.

    What do you mean, 'do they care'. Yes they bloody do!

    The Armed forces dont just take anyone, show sum respect for HMF...Git!
  5. Now now IRON the man (or possibly woman) is posing a serious question and we should help him(or possibly her) out.
    Oh sh!t I forgot what I was going to say.
  6. What different way, borrowing your Dads eyes, your dogs ??? I must say WAHs are becoming so poor nowadays..no standards, no chimpys.
  7. Kana,

    For the record, I'm part way through my application. Due to the fact i wear glasses, i got sent down to the opticians for a check up. My left eye is quite bad. However, its still way above the minimum required.

    Judging by my eyes, you'd have to be near blind to fall short of the minimum.

    I'm sure you'll be ok.
  8. Yes mate but the careers office I worked in had a tiny back passage and other ones I visited whilst I was recruiting had more accessible back passages.

    Kana some questions/answers

    Why do you want to become an officer?
    If you want a trade become a Tech/tradesman

    Optcians and medical issues are dealt with on an individual basis and is Medical in Confidence.

    Yes the Army and MOD do care thats why we give feedback to everyone who comes through the door unlike civvy employers.

    Look at all optons including Officer (if qualified and enough UCAS points) or regular.
  9. All depends on your CEG or role which goes on your PULHEEMS during your medical. All applicants who have to wear glasses must have opticians prescription with RG8 med questionairre.
  10. my WAH detector is going off the scale here!!
  11. Iron,

    Blood hell, i hope my eyes are ok......according to the form(RG8) im above the min.....but like you say, i guess it depends on what u wanna do in HMF.....I'd like infantry, although ACIO kindly said he'd be doing his best to talk me out of that.....WHY?

    Anyway, im still working on the other q's in the RG8, crunch time tomorrow. GP gets to do his worst!!! lol