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I'm thinking of signing up as a musician after I finish my degree which will be around Sept 2007. Just for information I am a 19 year old female music student. I have read some posts with people asking about whether they will be accepted as they have suffered from depression in the past. I myself suffered briefly from depression last year. I was on the lowest dose of medication for about two months, and then decided I did not need it. I was referred to the local mental health team, but on assessment they decided that I did not have a mental illness. I have superficially self-harmed for a brief period, and was in hospital once from a non-lethal over dose. I must stress that this was self-harm and not a suicide attempt. This all went on for only a period of about 3-4 months and I have been off meds and received no treatment since the beginning of November.

Basically I was wondering if this will totally blow my chances of getting in. As a musician I would be less likely to be in a combat situation than some soldiers. Will this help? I have no other physical or mental health conditions.

Any tips on fitness would also be great.

Oh, and if this isn't in the right place please feel free to move it.

You have to be clear of depression for three years from time of application unless the rules have changed....?
Does it matter that I was never offically diagnosed? I'm getting hold of my medical records on Monday to see what they say, but I'm pretty sure it won't say that I was diagnosed with depression, just that I was prescribed medication for two months. It may say about the self-harm though.
Yes if you were medicated, it will (should) be on your records. From the sounds of it you were depressed not suffering from clynical depression (am i correct?), but the fact you and your doctor felt medication was necessary means that your application should be hindered. Like I say I could very well be wrong and policies change but this was certainly the case back in 2000, I had an incredibly similiar experience.

Best advice will be from the ADSC Medical wing, if your application is rejected initially an accompanying letter from the senior medical officer will explain what is required for you to enter the army...

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Yeah, I didn't have clinical depression.

In that case, do you know how long from applying would it take to find out whether my application had been denied on medical grounds?

I know, I know, it's like asking how long is a piece of string...

I got my deferral letter returned to me just shy of a month after my AFCO sent my health and medical questionnaire to ADSC.......

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