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Hi all, im awaiting a reserve unit to get back to me but thought I would ask on here and apologies if already been covered.

I served from 1996 to 2000 with the Royal Engineers and always regretted leaving but usual story I met somone and stupidly left. Now i have divorced the oxygen thief who put her foot down to me joining reserves , I am now able to do what I like.

I left as a B2 combat engineer and A2 Armoured Engineer and was wandering if any ex RE on here will know if

1) those grades will stay with me when i join reservists

2) will I need to complete combat engineering again or just do basic training

3) what the fitness entrance tests are as probaly changed since i was in

Any info much appreciated and im hoping to join 221 EOD Troop. Have emailed them and will be calling them next week to see if I can nip down and have a chat.

Thanks all
my advice would be to apply on line immediately if you want to be in by Christmas!! Forget the "1-2 days" s*i*e on the website, with prior service checks, as well as all the other incompetence, you're looking at months before you get anywhere near initial training!!

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