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Entry Requirements and CSM

Are the qualifications needed for certain roles set in stone? For example if I applied for a job needing a C or equivalent in maths and English and I had a C in maths and a D in English would I be passed up or do they look at your BARB and then make a judgement alongside your formal qualifications?

I ask because for most of the roles I'm interested in are just out of my grade.

Also can anyone who has been through the new recruiting process tell me what to expect from my Candidate Support Manager? Will he discuss ADSC dates? I've been waiting for him to contact me for a few weeks and have nothing.
Regarding CSM...dont get your hopes up on them calling you or you will be waiting awhile you are going to have to call them
I wouldn't put up much hope for the grades part I wanted to do bomb disposal or vm but didn't have the gcse's but got a 73 on my barb to qualify for everything but because my grades (gcse's) was shit I couldn't do them.
And as jack said you will get **** all from your CSM so call them and call them again and call a bit more till you get what you need to continue the process.

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Ah, that narrows my choices down! I'll call tomorrow and start badgering them!

Will my CSM be based at my nearest Army Careers Office or someone from Capita?

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So will I be visiting the careers office at any point throughout my application?!

Or is it all done through the phone/email?

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Brilliant, cheers for the info mate. I'll take Budgies word for it on the GCSE side of things unless someome else can shed light on it.

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