Entrenching Tool Pouch

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ooh2g, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. How on earth does this attach to my webbing?
  2. Don't attach it at all, leave it at home, if you've got an entrenching tool, guess who's gonna be digging all the holes?
  3. Putting my waterbottle in it. Stores sees fit not to give me a third utility pouch.
  4. nick someones.

    No, wait, that's shocking behaviour, don't do that.

    But, seriously, nick someones.
  5. *wah shield*
    there are two clips at the top on the inside
  6. [​IMG]

    Use those two plastic fastex clips on the inside to clip it to the belt, and run a bungee or utility strap through the loop on the back to stop it bouncing. Using it for your waterbottle seems a good idea until you try to get your bottle out and then replace it and fasten the straps without help and without taking your webbing off.
  7. OMG entrenching tool! i had one of those when attached to the pioneers, Never used it at all in 3 years of being there, God knows why they issued it to me ffs and i still think in top of me wardrobe somewhere??! whoops forgot to hand it in when i left (Hides).
  8. Like this (yes i know the belt is the wrong way round)

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  9. Then stick some green string around it, cover it with some black nasty and bobs yeh uncle!
  10. hmm got a nice shot of my toe in there too :D
  11. yeh just noticed that too...............get yeh toe nails cut you grotty cnut!
  12. Excellent. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  13. OOooh, Olive Green. How very retro.
  14. Have you left yours at home? I know at Malta Barracks you have to keep them with you, so why are you telling someone else to leave theirs behind? Are you one of those nice people that get everyone else in trouble? You think because youre on RT 5 that you can bully the people with e-tool problems? Eh?
  15. You should be called PreparedToTrouble, so ur a fully fledge trained soldier who are ui serving with must be PWRR the best.