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I`ve an arguement to settle at work,To which trade as  the lowest entrance test level?
Out of the following is it, Driver,Sup spec or Sup con and which is the highest out of the lot?
This is a serious question? SO can somebody help me out with this ;D


As we all know, there are bad drivers and good Sup trades (and vice versa).  However (as I get on my soapbox) it is well known that the Supply trades are in fact inferior life forms to all others within the RLC and should be made to get off of their arrses (pardon the weak pun!) more often.  The nearest civi qualification is the spotty teen that can be seen stacking shelves in the small hours at the local supermarket.  At least driving big trucks is a professional vocation.  Message ends....out. 8)
I had to suffer the world's fattest storeman in OTC whose favourite phrase was "stores are for storing, if they were for issuing they'd be called issues wouldn't they??"

Yeah yeah!

Would have loved to have seen him attempt his BFT, that would have been worth a laff.
Having worked within Regiments that specialise in both kinds of trades I feel I must side (unpopular as it may be) with the Sup Specs/Cons. Drivers in my mind have become the wingeing trade these days; "Oh no I can't drive yet I havn't had my beauty sleep", "I can't drive that vehicle it does'nt have power steering". Lets face it you don't have to be a brain surgeon to put a DROPS into 'DRIVE' or even operate the damn thing. Sup Specs/Cons are trusted (and no this isn't a shortcoming) with the surveillance and running of high value accounts at quite junior levels. There is also a lack of the 'I've got somthing to prove' mentality which is omnipresent with truckies.

Anyway, I could have been more balanced in my arguement but I feel the trogs have had a bit too much support.


Hear what you're trying to say Capt MW but as commented there are good and bad within all trades these days.  Whinging drivers - sounds like a leadership type problem to me. I can honestly say that all Drivers I have served with thrive on hard work - and dream of the 9-5 existance of the Sup trades.

H'mmm the trusted Sup trade arguement appears to have a few holes in it.  Sup trade gets it wrong in peacetime - oops, paperwork all messed up and maybe a few of the taxpayers pounds lost.  DROPS Driver gets it wrong (if I remember correctly fully loaded DROPS with trailer is approx 52 tons) runs off road, comes into contact with solid object - if he/she is lucky only writes off about 300K worth of kit - if unlucky, he/she kills family on pavement.  8 hours sleep - Possibly the 8 hr driving limit.  Nevertheless be a brave commander who neglects the 8 hr rule unless there is reason (or he decides that he doesn't fancy being an OC/CO anymore).

In the Regt you refer to, were the Sup vehicles actually fit for task?  Probably not.  Fat lot of good maintaining stores on the back of a vehicle (Bulk or TSC), if the veh rarely moves.  Suppliers always seem to wonder why their vehicles are the first to break down - funny old thing but try maintaining them.

Oh and I won't mention the responsibilities of HAZMAT (all Classes) or Tank Transporter drivers (all up weight over 100 tons and worth millions), as it's time for last orders.  Look forward to your reply.   TTFN :)
Of course that doesn't allow for the U/S vehicles and other imbuggerances that have to be borne when trying to complete a tasking within driver limits, as well as the inability of some non logistics commanders failing to appreciate what is involved in CSS when making decisions above Regt levels.

One class example was the directive that all vehicles should comply with EC emission levels which resulted in 4 tonners being driven on to ex areas on the back of DROPS because they were considered illegal to drive on public roads, but fine for use on ex areas.

Honking about the world's ills is a fact of life, and it is not a trait reserved for truckies, but there is a genuine lack of appreciation all round for the complexities of transport ops.


The easiest "in test" is for loggy officer, mark my words it must be.
So this is where you hang out then woops, thought I would pop in for some reciprocal ribbing!!!!

Regards N Genfire
well it took you long enough to find the RLC forum, so obviously the AAC have dropped their standards since I left and you transferred from your cap badge....aaaaah yes! that reminds me.....

What was the entrance test for your 1st cap badge? the ability to breathe without being told how to do it?

bring it on fat boy!!
Interesting point of view Stalwart, but I fail to see how, when impressing that when trogs f*ck up they do so massively, helps your arguement ???

I also thought it was 9 hrs per day extendable to 10 on two days or 11 on one (I may however be wrong).

The last point in your post has me puzzled though. I take it you think that only those in the driver trade hold driving licences? I think you will find that most tradesmen (from all trades/Corps/Regiments) these days hold a full compliment of HAZMAT categories on their licences as well as being able to drive most of the B and C vehs available.

Tank transporters???? Isn't that the trade that will be supplemented by civis when the new HET contract is in place? I think so. The Army certainly recognised the skill in that trade when they reduced it from A to B ("That's not fair, I can operate a winch!").

Take Care  ;)


Capt MW....good to see that you have started to put forward structured arguements....and well done for checking in the right JSP about drivers hours (we'll make a Truckie of you yet!)

Your last unit must have been brilliant with all that time for licence acquesition and even HAZMAT training, but previously I was talking about the big stuff Ie.  Cat 1.1 and lots of fuel, not the Cat 1.4 that most QM staff have.  The bigger stuff seems to create more damage when you get it wrong! (reason enough why it is entrusted to professional drivers).

Tank Transporters (a fair comment), but you might not be aware that the majority of civis being employed to drive the new fleet are ex-Tank Transporter drivers anyway!  If an when the MOD employs real civi drivers, I fear that the reduced levels of support will have a detrimental impact on operational mobility of armour (esp in a shooting war!).

We apear to have taken over the initial question from Trogulus, so may I suggest that we agree to disagree on this intellectual jousting match?  ;D

That is of course unless you want me to come over and either unstack your blankets or muck up your accounts? :eek:


;D well i´m happy to see that, there is a majority of you that are in favour of us truckies, And well for stackers not maintaining their vehicles, that again as being entrusted to us truckies as it was only a few years ago when the stackers, complainig about their trucks not moving and so forth cryed out for drivers to take over and run their mt´s for them, shows what a superior trade they are then does´nt it, NOT!
Well what can i say about stackers, Not a lot. I work within a store section (unfortunate me i know) however i´ve being entrusted a few times to use their computers and stores and its not a hard job to do. But within my place it seems so with the storeman,1, 2 miss a few 99, 100. not being able to count properly and accounts getting messed up, as said earlier in this thread and have you seen how half the clerks write its like a spider with broken legs

I think there will be more outcry from the stackers out there, but how cares "broad shoulders" bring it on


PS Please don´t cry stacker type people because REME storeman are on the higher pay band. 8)
I am disgusted that you actually get paid, Trog! Just how many blankets are you in charge of?

If it's trucks, then I'm more disgusted as the ones I drive past each morning are in 5h1te state considering you have nowt better to do than square them away. Never see bodies of men doing A jobs on them, and I know you have plenty of them as you cant all be deployed to Kosovo/Bosnia/Macedonia at the same time because come Friday night in the bop, the place is crawling with them.

Raise your game chaps, unless you want to be tarred with the same brush as Pioneers. Same cap badge and all that!

Remind me to write a letter to my MP! :mad:


Unfortunately flash you have got me confused with a different camp, however i do realise what your saying about PRB, Would´nt happen if i was there i´ll tell you, Anyway the ones you drive past belong to stackers i.e 6 sup regt then you have 2 cs half and half really ( trog / stacker wagons). I would go on to talk about 1 gs but you would´nt know about that half of the airfield would you now.
Ps before slagging drivers doing their A jobs prehaps you should look to the AAC wagons, Come on get those Airtroopers doing theres.
I know the state of your wagons i´ve being on ex a few times with you before, When one of your refuellies got me stuck on a hill down in bavaria. 8)
Trog, you must mean both the refuellers we have at 1 Regt! If you care to use both your brain cells, you will know that the AAC has shall we say, a bit of a recruiting prob due to the bull 5h1t of our groundies being told that they will be a pilot within three years.

In real terms this equates to seven or eigtht if your lucky otherwise, stag on as a bowser mong. We currently have a turn around of blokes who do three years and bang out. We tend to get all our pilots from other arms who manage to find out that you can be a pilot as a full screw as opposed to thinking you need to be an occifer.

Trogs, this discounts you as you need to have at least two differant genes from people who are'nt your mother and sister.  ;D


In real terms this equates to seven or eigtht if your lucky otherwise, stag on as a bowser mong. We currently have a turn around of blokes who do three years and bang out. We tend to get all our pilots from other arms who manage to find out that you can be a pilot as a full screw as opposed to thinking you need to be an occifer.

occifer or officer?
Brains.................Which uni did you slay for yours
So there it is then my first and after this only posted message on this shiney site. Talking of Shiney things....

There is a place in the middle of Inspector Morse's world that is full of the such like. (SHINEY)

And as far as it goes for trogs I NEARLY :eek: became 1.
9 - 5 weekends off (Yer Baby)

How can there be any reasonable excuse for a less than 5 year SGT without smoking a few poles!!!!!!

And lets face it anyplace that has less than 100 item headings cant be the centre of attention. :-X

How can some where like that Justify its existence.

I heard a cracker a couple of weeks ago that it is Divs Dumping ground!!!!!!!!!!!!

So be it after 13 years I leave thinking what have I gained from it all.

SHINEY I ask you


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