Entitlement to Vote

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resurgam, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. I have just checked my entitlement to vote on the local registerbyinternet.com/YOUR COUNTY and done what was necessary and found that all sorts are permitted to vote in UK elections. I naively thought that only British Citizens could vote in elections that decided what happened in our country. This was very wrong. The following can register:
    Citizens of the following EU and Commonwealth countries, who are resident in the UK, may register to vote:

    * European Union
    Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
    France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania
    Luxemburg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia
    Spain Sweden United Kingdom
    * Commonwealth
    Antigua and Barbuda Australia The Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belize Botswana Brunei Darussalam
    Cameroon Canada Cyprus Dominica Fiji Islands The Gambia Ghana Grenada
    Guyana India Jamaica Kenya Kiribati Lesotho Malawi Malaysia
    Maldives Malta Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Nauru New Zealand Nigeria
    Pakistan Papua New Guinea Rwanda St Kitts & Nevis St Lucia St Vincent & The Grenadines Samoa Seychelles
    Sierra Leone Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland United Republic of Tanzania Tonga
    Trinidad & Tobago Tuvalu Uganda United Kingdom Vanuatu Zambia Zimbabwe

    Pretty alarming and no wonder the New laibour types were so keen to encourage immigration.

    I was appalled to be truthful and very surprised.

    Is anyone else as naive as I was. I somehow thought only British Citizens could register in elections. I hope that there is some sort of filter for General Elections but I suspect not.
  2. Not sure but I think you might find that the majority of these nationals get to vote in Local Election, and that only British Citizens do so in National elections, the exact definition British Citizen I am not sure of, overall a reasonable situation.
  3. EU citizens can only vote in local and European elections. Commonwealth and Irish (formerly "British subjects") can vote in all elections. Basically, voting in general elections has the same nationality conditions as joining the Army.
  4. And perversely. I have lived for the past 8 years in three of those countries, and despite being a British citizen I cannot voe in a general election.
  5. Their elections, ours, or both?
  6. Both. Not that I ever wanted to vote in theirs.
  7. European Nationals can only vote in Local and European elections (subject to being only able to vote in UK or their home nation, not both), unless they become British citizens whereby General Elections come within their remit. Likewise when resident in another European country I had the entitlement to local referendums, Local Elections and some EU elections.
  8. Which is a very good way of putting it.

    Worth adding that it is a question of residency as well as citizenship. Also, a Commonwealth citizen who is resident in the UK still cannot vote in UK parliamentary elections unless they either (a) have leave to remain in the UK or (b) do not require leave to remain in the UK. This would include those serving in HM Forces.
  9. I think the Irish being allowed to vote in UK general elections is a throwback to the time before home rule. It should have stopped when they ungratefully decided that they wanted to be the masters of their own destiny. The British Empire/Commonwealth beggars us still.
  10. Why would it reasonable for non brits to vote someone in (locally) that the Brits dont want?
  11. Because being resident in that area then whoever is elected affect you.
  12. It not their country, they shouldnt have any voting rights in it.
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  13. Well you now understand why our corrupt political class is so keen on immigration... its about importing votes to offset the voting effects of the lawful citizens waking up to what a bunch of twats they are.

    The election results have been gerrymandered by immigration and granting of citizenship.

    In other words our democracy has been stolen along with our wealth and our land.
  14. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I was wondering , just wave a magik wand here and suspend reality .

    Just suppose a law was passed that only people who can prove that they are a card carrying political party member could vote ... how do you think that would pan out .
    i think that they would have to start by saying that you had to be born here first not have dual nationality and have to produce a valid ni number.....
  15. Also, will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?
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