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Entitlement to SFA on marriage - but less than 6 months left in post

Hi all,

Quick question which I'm sure is simple enough as I certainly won't be the only person in this situation. I am currently at place A and am receiving a short-notice posting to place B. The posting to Place B is for 4-5 months (internal move within the Regt lasting the duration of my original two year tour) until approx 1 June this year.

I have literally just got married and so am now entitled to SFA. I've looked through the JSP and have begun completing an SFA Application Form. The JSP says that you are only entitled to SFA if you have a minimum of 6 months in post at your current station. Does that mean I am not entitled to apply now and have to wait until June? What am I expected to do until then?

To add a further 'complication' into the mix, in June I am expecting to be attached to a unit in Germany for a period of training followed by a career course. This would normally be unaccompanied as the attachment is 9 months and the course, back in the UK, is a further 3 months. The course location is close to Place B.

My wife and I would very much like to get a quarter in Place B and retain it until the end of my course.

I would very much appreciate any feedback/experiences :)
If you have a posting order for place B then apply for a quarter there, if not then you will probably have to speak to the housing office and explain the situation see if they can help you.

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