Entitlement to Army Quarters - A Lil Confused???

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by PeachyPeachez, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi there all, hope this is the right forum.
    I was just wondering what requirements you have to meet nowadays on being entitled to Army Living Quarters - i know before you had to be 'married'
    Ive heard now if you have a dependant that you are entitled is this right?

    My partner is currently doing his Phase 1 training, we have a little boy (1 years old) but we are not married so does that make us entitled upon him completing training?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Nope. You still have to be married (or in a civil partnership) to live together in SFA.
  3. Why has he been told different by recruiters etc? They said as he had a dependant we should be entitled? Who do i contact to find all the ins and outs of this? Thanks
  4. Just to add confusion. If your partner had residency of your child he would be entitled to ask for a quarter, however if you weren't married you couldn't live there.
  5. Not strictly true, I can think of 2 single soldiers with full custody of children that are living in SFA.
  6. Depends what camp you go to, on our camp we have surplus housing so DE are more than happy for couples to move in, and singles can even move in. It stops the houses slowly rotting from the inside out and works out cheaper for the MOD in the long run. I suggest you find out where your partner is getting posted and simple ring the HIVE there and ask. You might get lucky ;)
  7. You will have noted that n_s stated about being married to live together in SFA!
  8. As he has a dependent he will be able to ask for a surplus quarter to allow for visitation with his child, not you. As there aren't enough quarters he won't get a surplus quarter.

    He could have full residency and live as a single parent in a quarter. However you will not be able to live there.

    Or you could get married and be entitled to a quarter.
  9. One is there 'illegally'. End of.

    If you have a dependant (ie a child or two) you can request a quarter (but I think you have to have at least 50% custody). Your partner can't live there permenantly.

    PP you wont get a quarter without a marriage. The instructors/recruiters wont have lied to him, he may have not fully understood the complicated rules. Bottom line is you will need a marriage to get a quarter together. You could have a cheapo register office do, then have a big bang in a church later when yu have the cash and time to plan.
  10. Im really getting confused :(
  11. The whole "You have to be married" malarky is very thin these days. Honestly, just wait till he gets his posting and then ring the local HIVE, they can tell you more :)
  12. What, a crow just out of basic training being given a MQ as soon as he arrives with girlfriend in tow? I doubt it.
  13. The rules for "entitlement" to Soldiers Families Accommodation are:

    1. Married and accompanied by family in present posting.

    2. Single parent with full legal custody of child/ren (that rubbish about having "residence" above is confusing).

    3. Couples in a formal Civil Partnership.

    4. Single soldiers, separating families and other randoms can request Surplus SFA BUT these MAY only be allocated on an as available basis and as such there is NO ENTITLEMENT. Also if the particular garrison requires SFA to allocate to higher priority(see 1. 2. and 3. above) then it's the randoms in 4. that can have there SFA withdrawn.

    The bottom line is that as a non-married/uncommitted partner, you are entitled to some of the pension (under the new scheme) but you ain't entitled to housing.

    The Armed Services are just that, not a Social Housing outlet of the Government.

    Hope that helps.
  14. Why not? I read in the soldier magazine a couple of months back about a same sex couple, not married, who moved into a pad? Ive seen, and know, many single mothers out of phase 2 who are given a pad? So why not? If the garrison has surplus quaters, then why not let the singles move out their firetraps and move into a pad?
  15. as blunts said ximmeh

    1 couples in a civil partnership
    2 single parents with full legal custody

    2 very different scenarios than an unmarried squaddie with a girlfriend and a baby
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