Entitlement to Army legal services

Wnder if anyone can me help me on this......

My boyfriend is currently going through divorce with his psycho wife. He was posted in Germany and they were both entitled to free legal services. Now they are both back in UK and he has been told he has to get a civilian lawyer and pay through the nose no doubt as the cow is refusing all contact with his daughter, while she is still using the the Army legal service in Germany for free. How is it possible for a legally separted civilian wife of a serving soldier allowed to use this service while the serving soldier gets bugger all????? Surely it is against the rules for her to be using the service.........
Does anyone have any good info on access rights......she is refusing all access, phone calls and emails to his daughter. This is despite a legal separation agreement that states 'access as much as possible' The witch has moved to a very bad part of NI that no squaddie can go into and has stated she will not bring her daughter to meet him...thats is she ever agrees he can see her. This is potentially putting her daughters life at risk if he does try and see her there as well as his own. I am struggling to understand how anyone is allowed to get away with withholding contact like this and being supported by the army lawyers!!!!!!!!!
Any ideas apart from a voodoo doll and some seriously damaging needles?????