Entitlement after leaving the forces

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by michael3429, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Ill be leaving the services within the next 11 months I just wondered if anybody had any info on ex service entitlements when it comes to housing. I know we can private rent if cant get anything else. But what's the deal with local housing assosiations etc
  2. Unless you've been on your local housing waiting list (where you want to settle) none... Join the queue.
  3. The after service care in the UK is beyond shocking, it's an utter disgrace. As for Cameron offering the Military Covenant, it means nothing when the details of what the after service care is to entail is not established. The Americans have a much more organised and efficient after service arrangement. Veterans health care as they are aware that your service will have placed an extra level of wear and tear on your system, entitlement to shop on base in the PX etc. Much better than the crappy pin you'll be getting from HMG that can be bought for £2 on ebay.

    Good luck fighting your way to the front of the queue, you all know who will be at the front and it wont be ex-services.

    The best advice I've heard was to engage with those departments who are obstacles in your path and request to see a copy of their guidelines. You will then be able to identify what you qualify for rather than offering your case and having someone else decide for what reasons you fail to qualify for anything.

  4. As you will be ex forces you are automatically a "hero" in the eyes of the local council.

    Therefore you will be given a 5 bedroom detached villa style house with free council tax, water, gas and electricity. The British Legion will supply you with a gardener / handyman to enable you to sup ale instead of grafting.

    Alternatively, the council may just view you as an unprepared ******* layabout who expects the world on a plate - you idle ****.
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  5. Michael, contact the Joint Service Housing Advice Office tomorrow. Failing that visit your Welfare Office and speak to them about the JSHAO. Most likely anything else you read on here will be a piss-take, including from me.

    Good luck.
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  6. Yeah got the number for them so will give them a call tomorrow and pop in welfare. See what info they got. The website really doesn't give out much info.
    Heard the British legion are good for help and advise so might give them a shout afterwards.

    Always good to ask on here as there is always someone in the know or someone who been threw the same thing

    Thanks to those who replied.
  7. Two mates just left, both in different council area's they were both told that being ex military meant diddly squat to them!
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's times like this when one looks back and thinks "shit, if only I'd drank less beer and got a mortgage."
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  9. Don't know how long you've been in , but when I left the service in 1990 my 22 years was counted towards the discount for the Right to Buy scheme that councils were offering at the time, it enabled me to buy my auld ma's hoose for 6 grand ! for her , and when she eventually fell of her perch a couple of years ago I got left a decent 3 bed semi - det worth 95k.
    Keep bashing their door and make a BIG noise about it and shame them into taking more positive action . Good luck .
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  10. If you hit a brick wall with them tomorrow, PM me.

    I am all of a sudden the Queen of Resettlement and Discharge.

    (Not really, I've just got loads of really good info).

  11. Apply to housing assocs and council now while your are still serving, thats what i done and had a house waiting for me with local housing assoc when i finally finished with the army.

    I may have been lucky at the time but its worth a try. Nothing to loose really.
  12. True time spent in military accommondation, (barrack blocks or quarters) count towards the discount on the right to buy scheme.

    My old man had a decent discount when he brought his council house because of his service time.

    The trouble is getting a council house to start with.

    Do your military service and leave at the end = nothing

    Do some civi bird, unemployed, sacked, etc and you have the social workers/prison case workers etc running arounds for you.

    Royal British Legion can offer advice and point you in the right direction. (Ask to speak to the Welfare Case Office for the area you wish to settle in as they have more local knowledge, they will visit you if you are local. Do not ask a bloke at the bar in the Legion Clubs, but go to the County HQ). You do not need to be a member of the Legion to ask for advice if serving but it is hoped that you will join.

    There is also a forces charity who have a number of houses to rent (name slipped me at the moment), they took over a lot of the Regimental Charity Houses. RBL should have the details.

    Of course you could buy and a number of Housing Associations allow you to buy part of the property up front i.e. 30%, and rent the rest.

    Be aware of premiums that some HA's charge for example 30% plus around 10 to 15 k etc for fixture/fitting/good area etc, advoid those costs if you can.
  13. You are indeedy, absolutely correct.

    My house might be a shit-hole, but it's my house.

    When it's not being used as a stop off point for ARRSE waifs and strays.
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  14. Entitled?
    Did you not get paid for your services to Queen and Country? Are you getting a pension from Q and C for time served or injuries etc?
    That's all you're entitled to.
    The rest you have to do/sort out for yourself like other civilian ADULTS.