Entitlemants to claim on assignment

I have a LCpl in my squadron who is posted, sorry assigned, from Germany to the UK in a few months. I have asked my ROA what he is entitled to claim for and have been told that he cannot claim for anything as he should use the trooper flight if available. This is great as long as they will accept his car on board as either hand luggage or hold luggage.

I have been advised of the local rules that my RAO can apply but I was at a briefing recently where an officer from PS4 stated "There is no such thing as local rules, there is policy and policy is not generated locally....!"

I have read previous forums and I believe that insurance is not an issue whenclaiming MMA at PCR for a journey on assignment.

Can anyone inform me if he is entitled to reimbursement for his ferry cost or any other expenditures for this move has he lost out.

Anyone else been in the same situation recently who can shed some light on this one?
If he has been offered transport at public expense but chosen to take his car at his own expense, therefore he wont get anything because it personal choice.

As poo as it sounds he has made that choice.

He is being sent at duty however he has choosen to take his own vehicle back, thats the price you pay for taking your own car. But why didnt he get a ferry booked through him on the system, I am sure the the MOD would supply that. I am out of the germany loop at the mo so not up to speed on the regs on that badger. But i hope its starter for 10. And I dont have 752 to hand as I am on the piss!
He should be able to claim a notional journey (MMA @PCR) from where the trooper would land to his new duty station one way. No ferry costs are admissable, and if it takes him over 5 hours from the airport to his new duty station then DS is admissable.

That's what I would entitle him to anyway if he came into my office.


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If he goes on leave, you're looking at a traingular journey using the Trooper port of entry. He can claim, just not for the miles he is doing.
Under the ALM 2000,SP were entitled to a relocation leave journey at public expense to a recognised leave address in addition to any other entitlement.I don't know about local arrangements for BFG.Certainly, mileage to trooping airport (eg Munster) and mileage from UK airport (eg Birmingham) would be the least you should get.


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Really? Perhaps I'm reading it wrong then..............

04.0112. Inter-assignment Leave. When assigned to a new unit either temporarily or permanently the Service person, and where appropriate their accompanying immediate family, will be entitled to travel at public expense. A Service person granted leave between assignments may, when they have an entitlement, travel using a Get You Home (Early Years) (GYH(EY)), GYH(Islands), GYH(Seagoers) (GYH(S)) or GYH(S) Additional journey from their former duty station to an appropriate qualifying address in the UK or Republic of Ireland (ROI). Irrespective of the method of travel, the Service person should, in these circumstances, be debited one appropriate journey from their overall entitlement. The following options are to be considered when establishing entitlements:

b. Private Motor Vehicles (see Section 3 of this Chapter). The direct mileage between the current duty station and the new duty station can be claimed at Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA) at Private Car Rate (PCR). Additional fees such as bridge and road tolls and congestion charges to achieve the most direct route can be claimed if taken into account when costing the journey. MMA at Converted Leave Rate (CLR) can also be claimed from the former duty station to the appropriate qualifying address in the UK or ROI and from this address to the new duty station, less the distance between the former and new duty station.
ok then. suppose LCpl 'X' decides to take the trooper flight, what then of his vehicle? Can this be moved at public expense under the umbrella of 'personal effects'?
As pointed out earlier he wouldn't get it on the airline with him and i'd doubt it would fit in an MFO box. Surely the cheapest way to move it would be for his fuel/ferry ticket to be paid and get him to drive it himself!

You are expecting the 'sensible answer' which is not very common in the Military. It is his choice not to use the trooper flight, so there you go.

Of course it would make more sense and be more cost effective to let everyone drive, but not everyone can.
From what I recall, there is an element of LOA that is to pay for trips back to UK mainland. If the system provided a ferry ticket and allowed a fuel claim for the on-posting journey, this element would be removed. Over a three year tour you end up much better off with the daily element than getting the one-off trip paid for. The same thing goes for buying right-hand drive lights etc.

Very much a case of be careful what you wish for...

There is alot of small print involved with LOA, and it is very specific about what it is there to pay for and what it isn't.

caveat with the fact that I've been out of Germany for a couple of years, but was there in the JPA era and reasonably close to the RAO side of life. I'm sure some SPS wallah will be able to confirm or deny.
Well Mr shrubbery, it appears that Mr army has come up with a sensible answer!


come on SPS wallahs - Confirm or deny

Isn't this one of the things that Disturbance Allowance covers?