Entitlemants to claim on assignment

I have a LCpl in my squadron who is posted, sorry assigned, from Germany to the UK in a few months. I have asked my ROA what he is entitled to claim for and have been told that he cannot claim for anything as he should use the trooper flight if available. This is great as long as they will accept his car on board as either hand luggage or hold luggage.

I have been advised of the local rules that my RAO can apply but I was at a briefing recently where an officer from PS4 stated "There is no such thing as local rules, there is policy and policy is not generated locally....!"

I have read previous forums and I believe that insurance is not an issue whenclaiming MMA at PCR for a journey on assignment.

Can anyone inform me if he is entitled to reimbursement for his ferry cost or any other expenditures for this move has he lost out.

Anyone else been in the same situation recently who can shed some light on this one?

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