Entitilement to final move

Advice needed,
Here is the situation.

A friend of mine recently moved his family from his quarter to his family home as he was in his final 18 Months service. The Army paid for this moved as it wsa deemed his "final" move.
Subsequently, he threw his hat in the ring for one final chance of commisioning which he was succesful. He has now been told he is posted to Germany on promotion, however, he has been informed he has to pay for his family to move from their home as he already benefitted from the final move payment.

Surely this is not right? At the time he moved he was under the impression he would of been out the Army in 18 Months and wanted his family to settle into the family home and attend the local school. Now his circumstances have changed beyond his control and he would like his family to join him in Germany.

Where can he turn?

Thank you in advance.
DesktopCommando said:
When Id have thought as an "Officer" he is on a new contract, but Id check with pay staff
yes, he is on a new contract but that does not link into the fact he has used his "final move"
New Contract New Rules of Engagement

The_Magician said:
New Contract New Rules of Engagement

Does anyone know where this is quoted? JSP. DIN.

As yet I cannot quote "Arsse" as a reason for an entitlement! :D
Has he got an assignment order in his new comissioned rank - if so then he is 'ordered to move in writing', if he wants to move without it, then he pays at his own expense as far as I am aware.

You can always put a case up to JPAC PACC and please your case though !

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