Enthusiasts’ Fair and Model Show - Middle Wallop - 25th November


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All, very early warning that Holidays for Heroes will have a fundraising stall at this event. It will be a first for us, but worth a try, given the number of AAC bears (and other connections) we have. It will be indoors (ideal at that time of year) and will involve the usual table selling t-shirts, branded goods, and a tombola. Anyone living in or near Wallop would be very welcome to come along and help.

Obviously it's early days yet, but I thought you'd like the date for your diaries as it's a busy time of year. (And the Tank Museum Christmas Festival is the following weekend. We'll be there too. :) )


Hi "GR" it was good to meet you at Tankfest. Best wishes in all your endeavours.

Don't know if we'll make it to Middle Wallop but will certainly BEAR it in mind. :)


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Folks, this event is confirmed as a 'go' for 25th November. I've taken up the option to set up on the afternoon of 24th. It will be along the lines of Tankfest - two tables, with various 'Holidays for Heroes' Merchandise, the tombola and a 'Guess the Weight of the Christmas Cake' competition.

I have four passes. If we get more volunteers, suggest we rv at 'The George' and I'll ask Joyce & Hughen if we can leave spare cars there.

Please PM me if you're interested in helping. Thanks. GRB


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Folks, as this event is now NEXT MONTH, I'd like to start a list of volunteers who could spend an hour (or more!) helping on this stall. We'll be selling t-shirts, Holidays for Heroes branded goods, jewellery, second-hand books, and brand new copies of 'Stumpy and the Auld Sapper'. We're changing our tombola for a bran tub, to be a bit more Christmassy. (See separate plea for packing popcorn for the bran tub.)

At present I'm not sure of the start time/end time, but more details will be arriving soon from the organisers and as soon as I have anything, I'll post it here.

Of course, there will be cake for the volunteers!

Volunteers so far are:

Offspring and fiancee (morning only)

If you are willing and able, please add your name to the list; I'll then know how many passes to request, and how much cake to bake!

Thank you
Having proffed a nice big bag of shredded paper for the Bran Tub, I spent an entertaining evening wrapping the presents for it. (With thanks to shopgirl for the bags!)

Of course the bears watched. Or, as put so elegantly by a friend of mine 'It 's always taken 2 Air Troopers to do 1 girl's work'.

Any more volunteers to help us at this event please?

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