Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gado, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Someone has to entertain me. I'm bored sh!iless, top gear is on the tv & it's not doing anything for me! Gunny has just proposed then, once we were engeged, dumped me for a trolly dolly in the chat room. Some of you guys have to be more interesting than this. Please. . . . . . . . . . re-interest me in this site.
  2. Maybe we need another party?

    Anyone offering to host it, bearing in mind the last one was at Cuddles' and the place got trashed.
  3. I'll get back to you after Top Gear Gado. How can recreating the Top Gear theme tune using a selection of muscle car engine noises not do anything for you :wink:

  4. How about we raid another message board site?
  5. Oooh - thats not been done for a while. Do you have any likely suspects?
  6. at least queen won!
  7. Why yes as a matter of fact I do :D
    Do you remember the troll trillian (who I suspect to be the same person as Toshiba and Lawstudent), well this is her nerd site we she and her boyfriend are mods.


    I thought the general chit chat section might be fun to assault.
  8. What a marvelous idea. I'm so bored anything would do!
  9. Marvellous!!!
    I’ve registered as GokuTA and I’m about to start trolling the site
  10. While I'm all in favour of giving a little back to the tubes who treat this site so despicably, just be careful of what you may unleash.

    We've been here before...

    Edited to add: Nice.

  11. I wont mention where I’ve come from, I’m just going to have a bit of fun on her geek site.
  12. Its a shite site, it takes too long to load up. I might have a sly peek tomorrow again though, just in case I missed anything.
  13. Gunny the bloody cad!

    I set you up, get you a live one and what do you do? You try to cop off with another bit of skirt while the missus is in the room! You're sh*t at this!

    Gado, WTF!

    I turn my back for 30 seconds and you let TD with her big eyes and hostess smile waltz on in? You have bigger lungs! Use them!

    Honest to God is there no getting these people to bump uglies i ask you!

  14. Soz, I just fell for TDs smile. Besides, Gado blew me out a few weekends ago whilst in Manchester. Revenge is a dish best served blah-de, blah-de, blah, etc.
  15. I'm bored.

    Beebs :(