Enterprising 15 yr old septic

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Just seen this on another site.I have asked for photos and samples.Am awaiting a response.Of course my first thought was it is a come on.My second thought was it would not be the first such company.Can someone confirm my suspicions?


    Hello, I'm a 15 year old American girl looking to start a business using the UK


    I talked with my friends and we want to start the first Dirty Knickers company! Where men in Europe mail us a pair of knickers of their choice plus $20 American dollars and a return post paid envelope. Then one of us girls will wear the knickers for no less then 48 hours. After that we will mail the knickers back to you.

    I'd like your thoughts on this idea.
  2. Thats fcked up.
  3. My guess? The return address would be straight on the FBI peado database.

  4. Edited for honesty :)
  5. But worth a go surely!

    Failing that, put the address of someone you don't like........
  6. Prior to send a pair I've done some home work.Seems I can get to sniff some used UK panties of my chioce for £20!
    Juicy Lucy's Used Panties
  7. Doubtless, at this very moment, there'll be lads in Afghanistan posting their just-off-patrol grundies to a 15 year old American girl...
  8. Are there not street corners in Amreica?
  9. lets hope the AGC lassies don't start this, we could never afford the postage. ;-)
  10. No danger of that. Unless they've Googled "knickers".
  11. Do American's even use the word knickers? While the quote in the initial mail is clearly dodgy, on quite a few levels, am a bit suspicious about it being an American girl
  12. This has been around once before in Germany. There was a girl that acutally did wear them for starters, she asked a friend to do the same. This was of course, you have guessed it, started by a lad. He figured out that they could rub them panties with a solution containing salt, vinegar, potato starch and don't ask me what else. They smeared that white paste on the undies, let it dry and sold them 'worn' for quite a bit of dough, saying the wearerl is wet all day and what not. He sold 100s without anyone ever having worn them, until he was found out because of tax evasion or something of that nature.
  13. And closer to home: Derriford nurse tried to sell worn knickers from hospital computer

    £25? Must have been a long delay in fulfilling the order.
  14. What fucking 'other website' did you find this on!?