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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Tramlines, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Has anybody had dealings with Enterprise Inns? Looking at getting a lease on a pub but their contracts seem to be able to let them increase the price they sell me beer and the rent at anytime.
  2. How does being bankrupt sound?

    Ive been in the pub game for years. Mainly as cheif sloppo (paid more than the general manager in most instances) but have also been manager and assistant manager. If you want to run a pub, go down the management route.

    If you want a tennancy try and negotiate fixed terms and partial tie otherwise they will smash your rent up based on barrelage, the thinking being that they squeeze every penny they can out of you and the till and then do the same to the next dumb ****.

    Marstons are just as bad.

    Try and look at wadworths, they are alright.
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  3. Don't touch the big Pub Co types with a barge pole. I haven't got time to spell it all out but my local was a simply brilliant wet sales freehouse a while back, making a decent living for the landlord and his family whilst providing a top boozer for the customers.

    I don't know how he financed it, ie how much he put down himself to buy it and how much he borrowed, but repayments on his loan, however big it was, were fixed.

    He was able to buy his beer etc from wherever he liked and was able to get it at maximum available discount and the more he sold - the cheaper he could buy it.

    Any extra income he generated through his own initiative from barbies, beer festivals, live music, quiz nights, skittle leagues, curry nights etc was all his to keep.

    It was a busy, happy, well run boozer in the middle of a local community for which it was the social centre.

    He sold it to a PubCo for a very tidy sum and and what followed was a string of personal tragedies and disasters as a series of landlords were driven to the wall trying to follow in his footsteps.

    The basic elements to the spit roast being high rents both as a flat fee and a percentage of any extra revenue generated at one end and at the other having to buy all the drink from the PubCo themselves at top dollar.

    So gone is the beer discount and also gone is the incentive to do extra stuff - and with them goes any chance of making a profit.

    After a sucession of human disasters and about five poor bastard tennants who lost every cent they had the pub shut for a year and eventually the PubCo sold it. Bingo - it's a freehouse again and almost back to its old self.

    Those PubCos are quite simply the unaccepatable face of capitalism and don't go near them.
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  4. Thanks, both have reinforced what I was thinking. Seen a couple of free of tie leases up for sale by private vendors that loosely fit what I'm looking for. I'll keep looking. The only thing that's killing me is that the one owned by enterprise is pretty much exactly what I'm looking, except for the contract.
  5. ive just seen a good mate of mine go to the wall cus of enterprise inns. after running the pub for 6 years and struggling for most of that time he was given notification of a 15% rise in rent. he knew the pub couldnt sustain that so handed his keys back only to find last week that they had offered the pub to a new tenant at half the original rent he was on !! he summed them up in three words "bunch of *****"
  6. Used to work (Manager) for 'The Steam Brewery' in Swindon (The Famous Ale House),what a effing rip off.Then I run a pub for Holts's (The Derby (bottom)) on Cheetham Hill Rd which was excellent.Scottish and Newcastle are the worst by far.

  7. God-the Derby-you must be nails!! rough pub in rough area!!
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  8. Mate I ran a pub for Marstons on their retail agreement and it is the biggest rip off going, they allow you the first 6 months or so without hitting you with their shitty stick, and then its brutal and constant, they even took away the allowance for line cleaning etc. Go and throw your money in the canal rather than give it to a pubco, you wont feel as bitter and twisted as I do, and Marstons are the worst for me.

  9. Knew most of the punters before taking it.

  10. have you been back lately? place surrounded by non drinking muslim buisnesses !! lucky if you see anybody using it nowadays
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  11. Enterprise have screwed up our village local completely over the last few years. And the poor buggers who've been trying their best to get it back into use over the last few months have had less support than the Army get from Whitehall....
  12. The Pubcos are *****. Private Eye had a thing on them running in the "In The Back" section. MPs had a chance to amend a bill that would prevent the ties being anti-competitive, or something along those lines. The idea that forcing people to only be supplied from one source was illegal etc. Of course, they didn't, so the same shitty situation continues.
  13. Micawbers post sounds exactly like what the last place I worked at was like. Freeholder sold to Marstons. Since gone through loads of tennants and loads if holding managers (me included) One of the tennant landlords was dying of cancer and the Landlady wanted to leave the pub. Marstons kept pushing rents and barrelage skyward despite the fact staffing costs had gone the same way due to illness.

    There was a lot of debate and legal wrangling going on to get them selves out. Marstons sent heavies down to the pub and threatened to sue the landlady if she abandoned the pub...it was the day of the landlords funeral. Heartless *****.

    MP got involved and Marstons were threatened with newspaper and TV exposes and eventually they let her go. Bankrupt, emotionally wrecked and sans husband.
  14. A similar story; my old landlord retired from a bustling friendly pub, good ales and good food. Enterprise snapped it up for no cheap price. Long story short in 3 years there has been a succession of tenants and is at the moment closed. Every last one was promised 'easy terms' when they went in but Enterprise soon changed their 'policies' making life impossible for the incumbents. I was a customer and witness, but wouldn't advise it!
  15. I think the thing to understand about the PubCo business model is that it has nothing to do with running pubs, it is just a version of property development.

    You buy a pub, stick in a landlord and charge him around 10% of the purchase price as rent, regardless of how his books are actually looking.

    Then, as you have a number of pubs, you get all the drink yourself at a huge discount but make your pub landlords buy it from you at top rate.

    Then just out of greed, you set a level of expected income and take a slice of anything that comes in above that line.

    After 10 years your pub has been paid for by the tenant and you have lived high on the hog from the rigged beers sales and the extra rent, or used the dosh to fund further pub purchases.

    But the central thing is the rent, you have no direct interest in the success or otherwise of the pub itself or the welfare of the tenant, simply that the rent keeps coming in. The moment that is threatened, bin the incumbent and get another.

    Capitalism should work by handing the profits to those who come up with a good or service that is cheaper or better than the competition. These PubCos have contributed nothing, their pubs are no better, the beer is the same, they've done nothing of any use to the customer but just shuffled around paperwork and other peoples' savings to feather their own nest exclusively.

    Utter, utter, *****.
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