Entering last 12 months of Service.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dmi2480, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. I am just about to enter my last twelve months of service, and my unit is preparing to deploy on ops. I have attended my CTW and have my resettlement plan pretty much sorted. Now here comes the crunch point:
    I have been told I will deploy with my unit, thats not such a problem, but it will affect my resettlement plans.
    I have not been told how long I will deploy for, and I have been granted my last 6 months of service back in the UK( Mar/Apr 09) On the application for my last 6 months of service it states I will have completed all resettlement activities prior to my move back.
    If I deploy I will have no time to complete my resttlement, which is a major concern. I have been told that soldiers in their last 12 months of service, approaching retirement should not deploy. I have not seen the Mounting Instruction. Dont know if there is any true to this.
    My resettlement has been put on hold, because my unit has always been busy doing something else. And as a result this has involved me focussing on work and not on my future.
    Any advice is welcome.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    You need to get in touch with your resettlement office, they will be able to give you the official line. Unconfirmed: If your an essential member of your unit then they can deploy you upto 6 months before your discharge date, longer if you agree. If your movement order to the UK says that you will have completed all resettlement then I would get in touch with whoever issued it and confirm where you stand.

    Edit: Your leaving, it's not being jack trying to sort out your future at the expense of your unit. They will keep working when you leave, why can't they do it without you now?
  3. New thing out this week, if you have completed over 6 years service you must have at least 6 months residual service upon return, if under 6 years completed, you must have at least 4 months at the end of the tour, this to to facilitate the completion of your full Resettlement Entitlement, if this cant be done then application to extend you service with your Career Manager must be completed
  4. What is the process if you do not want to extend...... :roll: [marq=up]
  5. I will have to deploy until February (Approx) and I will move back to the UK in Mar/Apr. This doesnt leave a great deal of time for personal development, let alone my resettlement. My application to move back to the UK states that all resettlement will be completed prior to my move back.
    This is the sticking point. What with training prior to deployment, we have one weekend free between now and deployment. There just isnt any time to line anything up.
    Why on earth they cannot leave me alone to plan my future is beyond me!!!
    I will write to Soldier Magazine, and if needed I will lodge a formal letter of complaint to Comd Resettlement, and also copy this to the Brigade Comd.
    This is once in 21 years, where my needs must come before the needs of the Service. I want to retire!!
    As for extending my service beyond 22 years, in order to complete my resettlement is certainly not an option.
    This has been offered, but there is no benefit to me personally, so I don't see why I should change my plans.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Whilst I'm normally the barrack room lawyer and in favour of using the system especially when it has used you for so long I have 1 question to ask;
    If like in 1939 we went to a real war and not a (just as dangerous though) Bliar adventure in the sandpit would you be demanding your rights to ressettlement or would you put it off for 4 or 5 more years for your country?
  7. I think some of the people here need to get off this guys back. It is most definetely not his fault that HMF has been cut and cut and is now so undermanned they cannot even give service leavers the resettlement they deserve.
  8. My Bold.

    They've got to let him go at some point. It's the unit's poor admin that's at fault for not finding a suitable replacement in time for the tour.

    Let's face it guys, the army's had 22 years notice for him leaving. How much more do they need?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I support the lad and wish him the best in this his hour of need. It was only a question!
    Whatever you do dont rush resettlement planning. As the others have said the army has known for 22 years the latest you can leave and also what your entitled to. Put your foot down politely and make it clear that not only are the units leaders and administrators to blame for failing to replace you in time but also responsible for ensuring that you get your full entitlement.
    Dont rush it, you have another career ahead of you and you certainly dont want to spend it hopping between menial jobs that pay minimum because you didnt get it right now!
    Thought about writing to your MP?
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    I agree! However, how many units will work a person till the day they leave? Most of them I'd bet.

  11. If a World War on the scale of those previously experienced were to start, I think the last thing that I'd be worried about was getting on a welders course. What use are a couple of quals if you have no family left to support?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Exactly, I look back at obits and see men who had or were about the of their service line up for another war. However my point in a roundabout way is that they were wars to keep the enemy from taking our homes, the current rash of ops seemed more about personal aggarandisement for Princess Tony and now it feels like the Army itself is reluctant to call for a withdrawal due to lack of resources as its a good operational ground to keep troops and commanders ready for war!
  13. Sounds to me like you Unit are just being Cnuts. Maybe your OC is a spineless wnaker and is to afriad to tell the CO that he can do without you.

    At the end of the day how far you take it is up to you. If you really don't want to go, and I don't blame you for wanting to carry out your resetlement plans, I'd go down the compasionate route. Fcuk em, they'll have to make do in 12 months time after you've been discharged, so they ca make do now. If they can't then they are obviously useless at there job.

    They certainly won't be giving a fcuk about where you're living or if you have a job to feed your family in 13 months time.
  14. DMI

    This is an all too frequent occurence nowadays.

    If you volunteered to fore go all your resettlement and work until the day of your discharge, the Army would still want more! I know one lad who didn't want to "jack" on his unit and was still down the Falklands after his official discharge date!

    No matter how accomodating you are, you will not be any better thought of as you walk out of those gates for the last time. You've given 21 years to the Army, stand your ground and hold fast. Remember, this is your future you are planning for.

    If all else fails try the following:


    Good luck

  15. Well, we are all intrigued, so you can't just leave us on the edge of our seats wondering.

    Have you told them to stick the Tour up their Arrse yet??