Enter all ye who dare !

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by calibra4x4, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. That's right this a shameless plug!!

    [marq=up]WIN A LOTUS ELSIE FOR £5 [/marq]

    With Griffin and Lotus Cars GB

    Hit the link and follow the instructions to enter


    Proceeds go to Help for Heroes and you could own a new Lotus in April

    Good luck and thanks for entering

    [marq=up]WIN A LOTUS ELSIE FOR £5 [/marq]
  2. Is the Lotus Elsie the Elise's Grandmother?
  3. No, you tit !! It's a typo. What's the matter never made a mistake ?

    It's 2325 and time to go to bed, so unless you have something constuctive to say, (or do, like entering the competition), please sign off !!
  4. Is it your company or do you work for them?
  5. its got a yellow padlock thingy, as for entering my card details for an online draw ? I don't think so..
  6. For FiveAlpha: Griffin is my company, (except for when the wife is in the office)

    Jarod248: You obviously know nothing about the internet. The padlock at the top of the screen shows you are on a secure page. Look it up on Microsoft homepage if you have any doubts

    Polar69: Spot on, and Why not ? It is a secure server and you could win yourself a car. If you feel unsure, please pay us a visit in person and pay in cash and fill out a manual entry form. You can visit our head office, or any one of our five offices in Germany. If there was anything remotely dodgy about this we would not have the likes of Lotus Cars GB and Mazda Motors UK involved would we?

    For Jarod248 & Polar69: It's nice and simple lads, if you want the chance to win a car, then enter. If you don't want to support H4H and have the possibility of winning a car.... don't enter. Either way, please do not try to rubbish something you clearly do not want to participate in.

    If you feel you would like to discuss this with me personally you can contact me on our UK phone number with is on our website at www.griffintaxfree.com

    Regards, and a Happy New Year !!
  7. Shameless plug! Yeah you said it fella, does look like that to me, fair one on the Help for Heroes charity which is a great one at that! One which I've supported on more than one occasion, but plugging on ARRSE in the process, well you decide. Integrity is the word that comes to my mind!

    Even more so when you check out the past:


    Certainly not one I'd go for after reading the background. You crack on plugging though fella LOL! I'd personally stop digging in!
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If your link worked I might have a clue what you are on about.........
  9. Oh the wife is running it now.......that is OK then :D
  10. LOL so he contacts me on PM and tells me to remove the thread otherwise he's going to call the Police " Trying to rubbish our good name". I reckon you've done enough of that yourself fella by canceling your Lotus competition for Help For Heroes till December, and yes if I was a ticket buyer I wouldn't be satified waiting till December for the draw, even if I would get two tickets for the price of one. If you offer something you should stick to it, especially if you're taking peoples "Hard earned money". What's to say that you'll sell anymore tickets, what then, I take it all the people who have paid you will get a refund?

    And to top it all off "Get your fingers out and buy a ticket" you've some cheek fella LOL! I really don't think that an attitude like that's going to sell you many tickets.

    Hmmm what to do! Well he's supposedly got all my details from somewhere including my IP address. At the end of the day it's available over the public domain.... It's not publication, distribution or duplication. ARRSE is a place to share information with like minded people, so there I am just sharing it. Sticky or not, suck it in fella!
  11. Get over yourself

    Have you nothing better to do... like selling a few cars and ripping a few people off?
  12. Hurray he's back. No comments then? and you can't even answer the questions in my thread? Keep digging fella.

    I didn't say anything about you ripping off people selling cars, I didn't mention anything about ripping people off full stop. To have the information removed from the public domain try contacting the FSA.

  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    OK. It is an open source document in the public domain. I choose to make no comment other than if he is a little bit of an Arthur Daley, well, so are a lot of others in the car business.

    But it has to be said that "his wife's" firm is well known and does good deals for us and is well thought of. And has been before and after this document was published.

    However, where do you get the put off until Dec bit? The site still claims that the draw will be at the London Marathon which is Apr with final buying date of Mar 31st. You know something different?