Enron ex-chief Kenneth Lay dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. I will believe that when I see the body, but there again I do love a conspiracy.
  2. My condolences. Not.

    I wonder what over-the-counter cleaning or pest control chemicals can cause heart attacks? Just out of curiosity.
  3. Guilty or not; or even like the bloke or not, the convention is that he was innocent until proven guilty. Is it just possible that his death was stress induced? resulting from the one sided extradition treaty that our elected idiots have signed with the Septics.
  4. And they were going to extradite him to where...?
  5. Eh? :?
  6. Passed over loggie, Kenneth Lay (known to GW Bush as "Kenny Boy" ISTR) was the Head of Enron and American citizen. You're confusing him with one or all of the three British bankers who are being subject to the current controversial extradition proceedings.
  7. R I P
    Rot In Purgatory
  8. Bugger! that will teach me to listen to Radio 4 on FM in a Mendip valley. They had an interview with one of our blokes (in retrospect, probably David Bermingham) and I assumed it was one of ours that had slipped this mortal coil. How do people actually remember these bugger's names? Anyway, it was a tailor made opportunity to have a rant about the bloody outrageous Treaty but, unfortunately, reality got in the way.

    Thanks to all for the gentle let-down.
  9. Bit sad about one or two chaps on this site.

    Chap dies and several people say good. The fellow might be a convicted criminal but he still has a wife and family and people who will grieve over him.

    Let's keep a bit of propriety on the site please.
  10. I know people who had their lives ruined by him. Enron owned my hometown's main energy company. While I'm not partying or leaping for joy, I can't say I'm devastated.
  11. No doubt his wife and family will live in luxury.....unless the forensic accountants follow the trail.
  12. Are his wife and children members here then? This is one of the prices to be paid for fame and fortune. People will talk about you. They will form opinions. They will voice those opinions. Many of those opinions will be negative. How one conducts ones life determines what the opinion of him shall be.
  13. Which I imagine they will,when Enron went down, so did Arthur Andersen.
  14. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but does anyone else think there will be some huge sighs of relief in the higer echelons of America tonight?