Enraged about Bankers!! Pass me the hammer ma!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Norfolknchance, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Anybody else enraged about the fukking arrogance of the Royal Bank of Scotland board threatening to walk out if they can't award their staff with £500,000,000 of OUR money? It's 70% owned by the state, i.e. me and you!

    Answer: Walk Out, collect your P45 as I'm sure there are many who would do your job for half your wage packet.
  2. They should let them walk out...sack the lot...see how they enjoy Christmas on the Dole....
  3. I bags the front seat on the outrage bus on this one. They are 84% owned by the government because they screwed it all up and then demand a bonus or else!!!

    I think that they should be down on their bellies and thanking everyone that walks past for ensuring that they are still employed.

    Short sighted, greedy bastards!
  4. It would be a brave decision, but I can't see bankers standing on their principles for too long :-D
  5. Let them resign en masse no fat pay packets, no mahoosive bonuses, extra staff at McDonalds, its a win win situation.

    No wait a minute they've probably got guarenteed golden handshakes :(
  6. If they are that "talented" do you honestly think they wouldn't have another well paid job to go to in other financial institutions.

    The entire RBS board would not be allowed to resign at the same time – the FSA would not permit the bank to be rudderless. But the directors could state a collective intention to step down, so that replacements could be found in an orderly fashion.
  7. It's all about attracting and retaining talent. You know, the same sort of talent that got us into this sort of mess in the first place.

    Personally, I think they ought to be allowed to award taxpayers' money as reward for sorting out their own mess. It brings the day of the very first lynch-mob that much closer.

    I'm sure we all want to see that.
  8. Sorry. Forgot to include in original posting:

    GREEDY BASTADS!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :twisted:
  9. Sod letting them resign, sack'em that way not entitled to parachute payments.
  10. face it me ashie and hardmong could'nt have make a worse hash than the RBS board :roll: .
    one would'nt get out of bed one would be dribbling and the other would be posting rubbish on arrse rather than investing all the cash in dubai :twisted:

    ( Its an arab state without any oil or history and your going to make money out of tourism? whats the point of a summer holiday if you can't get rat arrsed?)

    bonus for suceeding but if the company is mostly owned by the goverment its not a sucess hence no bonus.
    The talent might leave oh really thats talent is it?
    hate to meet a rubbish banker :twisted:

  11. Or a POOR one!
  12. Or a unicorn? Not a leprecaun, they're too busy wondering how that pot of gold they invested in 'End of Rainbow Holdings PLC' is suddenly worth less than the pot.

  13. Resign my arrse, they should be sacked after a vote of no confidence from the shareholders (us). No fuckin pay off or pention from the new management (us).

    And to be fair you will only have to sack 3 or 4 of the very top knobbers, replace them and the rest will do as they are told....... fuckin simples :x
  14. I'm sorry, but you appear to have used the words 'bankers' and principles in the same sentence; thus implying they have them!
  15. RBS board crack me up! What are they going to do, get a job with another bank?

    Is that Barclays etc HR?

    Yes, how may we help you?

    I'd like a job please!

    Were did you work before?


    And you expect us to let you sink our bank too?