Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pegasusranger, Mar 27, 2003.

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  1. there are no addresses for those in the province - what do they expect us to do, commute?  :p
  2. FAIL

    lolololololololololol :)
  3. i'm far to old for that silly business, anyway i have writers cramp.  ;D
  4. Pegasusranger - no first hand knowledge. However, I do know a few people who tried out with 21 & 23, they said that 'The Quiet Soldier', by Adam Ballinger is a good guide to selection. He describes lots of ex regulars (including a Marine & a Para) getting binned, which gives an indication of how hard it is.

    Despite my lack of direct experience, I found myself wondering about some of the times quoted for runs (I asked about this in the Infantry - Bored on Ops Stag Good Books to Read, but got no response).  Can anybody else comment on this?
  5. Useful that thanks.
  6. Get the Fighting Fit books by Adrian Weale. I also happen to know 2 lads trying out for 21 that wanted to get me to try, but I decided for the Paras instead.

    If you can run 8 miles in an hour with weight and in boots, you should make it through the early fitness stages.
  7. Simply be able to run 8 miles in one hour, bleep test level 11, BFT under 9 .30.
    Running is not that important, you will spend approx 25 hours running on selection and over 400 marching...you do the maths!!! Don't worry about running, just get the minimum level right.

    Do NOT run with weight

  8. I hate to be a fcuk off but lets think a bit about OPSEC on this one.
  9. Many thanks to all the help given here, I've received some very helpful advice here and through PMs.

    Can I ask that if people do feel the need to reply further its only about fitness training for SF so OpSec is respected, ta.
  10. You can be carl lewis guys, pick up an injury on the way and your Fu***d. Dont bother tabbing all over the shop to timings.
    Endurance runs work up to 3 hours at slow pace, leg strength (lunges the best), get on the hills with the waight (dont Tab) and get your hill legs, get the water down your neck and hope your lucky  ;) and dont shove mars bars down your neck wost thing you can do

    OH.. to be a pilgrim ;)
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I know a man that consumed on his final test in selection 1 packet of mini mars and 1 packet of mini marathons along with a lot of water.

    He passed.  What's wrong with Mars Bars?

    Those timings sound a little off to me, was that a STAB timing?  I doubt there's a difference between ARAB and STAB timings but I had others quoted to me.
  12. These are the suggested 21/23 timings yes.
  13. suger high for 10 min then suger low ;) seen it many a time ;)
  14. Alternatively, you can be Linford Christie, have a visit from the CDT people, and be similarly Fu***d.