Enquiry from a chap in the forces trying to raise money.


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Just had a call from a chap down in Plymouth who is serving.

He says that one of the guys in his unit has found out that his daughter has got inoperable brain cancer, and they are scrabbling around to get donations of items for a local auction.

His oppos are getting together to try and help the guy, and I was asked to see what I could do.


I've given him the web address of ARRSE and asked him to create an account and get posting, and asked him to mention my name.

I don't know him personally, but it came across as genuine - I'm sure you'll quickly be able to verify when he comes on board.

I've explained to him about the tremendous things that ARRSE members have achieved and mentioned Op NIMBY, which he DID know all about.

Perhaps we can welcome the guy in, check him out and raise some money for his oppo.

Apparently the young girl has nine months to live and has always wanted to go to Australia.

He should be online soon I hope.

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