Enquiries? We no need no steenking enquiries


No 10 rejects Iraq weapons inquiry

Downing Street has rejected growing calls for an inquiry into its pre-war claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
Tony Blair denied accusations that intelligence information was doctored, insisting he stands "100%" by the evidence shown to the public about Iraq's alleged weapons programmes.

I bet they've found something, I mean, no one could be stupid enough to say "Screw Parliament" unless he had a massive ace up his sleeve


Pound to a pince of poo that something will turn up soon.

Any users of this means hanging round Baghdad airport at the moment?  If there are keep your eyes peeled for large Spam transport aircraft being unloaded by guys in IPE with Corporate Import Associates printed on their backs.
I don't think Corporate Import Associates will touch this with a 20' bargepole.

I think the alternate handlers

Multi Overseas Secure Shipping And Deliveries will have the contract on this one.

I can almost guarantee you're right.


You have a good point there PTP.  A sort of quid pro quo for services both rendered and still to be rendered.


I always get p#ssed off when our own bleeding heart gits start to drop the army etc in the sh1t when the 'enemy' get away with doing far worse to their own and our prisoners!

I always feel like were in a knife fight carrying a limp stick of celery!

Not that I am advocating the maltreatment of POW's but can't people get a little more perspective on the issue? ??? :eek: :mad:


...start to drop the army etc in the sh1t when the 'enemy' get away with doing far worse to their own and our prisoners!:eek: :mad:

Glad to hear that you don't agree with the mal-treatment of prisoners.  I think that you have captured the whole point in what you say about treating our troops (whatever their service) the same as enemy troops (and vice versa).

Our soldiers, sailors and airman should be made accountable for their actions.  It really is that simple.  Mis-treat a POW and you have to face the consequences.

It is only because we, as professional soldiers agree to the rules that prevent us from abusing prisoners, that we can take the moral high ground when the enemy break those rules.

Every time you get p*ss*d off at bleeding heart gits questioning our actions in the field ask yourself how you would feel if those bleeding hearts were the only voices speaking out to protect you if you were made a POW.


I always feel like were in a knife fight carrying a limp stick of celery!(

Oh and by the way don't give us all that sh1t about not being able to be operationally effective, because you aren't allowed to bind and gag an Arab, suspend him from a fork lift, take phots and then pop them down to Boots to be developed just because it's criminal behaviour.

The only perspective that you need is the one that will enable you to justify your actions if you are required to do so.  A good rule of thumb for this is 'am I treating this person as I would expect to be treated if I were in his position'.  If not your probably breaking a law, if you are then you deserve to go down for it.


As somebody who in my youth played "prisoner of war" on exercises in BAOR, dressed as an East German soldier, I was severely kicked and beaten by TA morons but handled correctly by regular infantry, who it appeared had been instructed in prisoner handling. The TA infantry mungos thought it was a great excuse to act tough and beat someone up, which appeared to be a common trait among them! Don't know if things have changed by now.
I don't know how many TA were attached to the battlegroup. As regards TA troops from Gods own capbadge, as far as I am aware, they weren't in a position to be in the position , if you catch my drift.
Certainly, the troops in my unit, wouldn't be up for this behaviour. We are lucky, in as much as we do have a fair number of operational veterans from GW1 onwards in the unit, and LOAC is taken seriously, as it should be.

Not sure I'm too keen on the assertion that if any malice was going on, it might have been TA soldiers. I'm not saying they're angels, but I think it unlikely.

Can we just wait for the results of the SIB investigation? None of us know what went on, but right now, we're jacking comments up like the SUn newspaper. You remember, that paper that "suports our boys" Or rather, supports our boys until they need to make smoke to obscure the bigger story  :mad:

Which is what this thread is about


Yeah lets get back to having a go at the real criminals around here.

What's TB going to do now he's deployed his biggest and hardest f***er only to have him verbally kicked into touch by John "the Razor" Humphries on the Today programme?