Enough please, i didn't even like you 20 years ago.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Beduff, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I am not a great lover of Facebook and only started an account to keep in touch with old mates etc.
    However, over the last year or so of very occasional use I have noticed an abundance of total shit and need to cull the fuckwits.
    Is this an acceptable post to explain why I really don't want to know or indeed recognize them?

    Bye bye faceache acquaintances. Although I really mean the the ones who can only post shite mawkish comments etc. Love your Mom (i'm not fucking American), cancer survivors, abused kids, poorly animals et al. You have bored me shitless over the last year so good fuckin riddance. People who just post shite passed onto them by fuckwits can just go and die, I aint sodding interested. Happy 2013, cunts. Post this if you know someone who has died from boredom or cancer and you really, really care.

    Happy 2013, cunts.
  2. I see where your coming from.
    If anyone could translate the rest of the post i wouldn't be the slightest bit interested in reading it.....
  3. Just bin the boring cunts from your page.

    It's up to you who your friends are in real life, as well as on Twatbook you know. Or do you?
  4. AAAAARGAWDFECKIT! Years ago I saw that most of Faceache would end up a bunch of apps posting to each other ostensibly using your avatar as a sock puppet while the users are entertaining themselves with mindless games.
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  5. I have no family on FB and no colleagues and its a damn site better for it.
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  6. Just bin the cunts without the drama.
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  7. Over 90% of facebook is a pure waste of bandwidth. Full of dross and nonsense. I don't know about twitter but I suspect it's the same there too.

    I liken it to the Borg in Star Trek, with all the users posting mundane dross just to be connected the a "hive mind". Especially all those who use a mobile phone/device when they go out. It won't be long before "Borg-type" inserts come along as the next technological step. Until then, they could all get some insert practice by shoving their phones up their arse!
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  8. Man drips about cunts on social network on another form of social network that also has its fair share of bellends.
    Didn't Alanis Morrissette do a song bout that?
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  9. I quit FB after receiving the billionth "I'm your friend and I want you to play yet another dull fucking game or read Mystic Peg's horoscope.
  10. The easy way to sort your 'friends' is to ask all the female ones to post a video of them finger fucking. The thing is, you WILL get at least one!
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  11. FFS get a room.
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  12. FB was great 5 or 6 years ago for me, finding out all the interesting stuff old schoolmates had been up to in the years since we'd left like traveling the world, interesting jobs & wild night's out, as well as keeping in touch with current mates, sharing my own photos & adventures or sleazing on women on it while I was single. Then they all started having kids, hundreds of photos of babies or ultrasound scans started clogging my news feed, and constant updates about sleepless nights or "anyone know what time little tots is open?" etc. I lost interest then & started unsubscribing to the dull cunts, if I wanted to read about all that shit I'd go on mumsnet. In conclusion I'd say Facebook is great for teens & twentysomethings living life, but dull as fuck once people start "growing up" & posting about parenthood all the mundane everyday life shit.
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