Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muzzleflash, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. In the main I just sit back and let most things in life float on by with out much thought, however over the past few days I’ve witnessed some thing’s that have really made my blood boil. Take this morning for instance. I was subjected to some lard bucket spewing out utter shite regarding “the” cartoon. He was ranting on about human rights, how disgusting it the cartoon was and how sick our society was for having committed such a heinous crime blah, blah,blah. Meanwhile in the background, there was footage of bearded cretins chanting outside the BBC complete with placards scrawled with pleasantries such as "death to those using blasphemy", "revenge is coming", "eradicate non-believers" and "Bin Laden will avenge this crime" – To coin the phrase WTF!

    The second boiling point was reached when I watched Abu Galloway and the likes from the STWC marking the 100th death of a soldier in Iraq (see disgusted thread) – well how fcukin dare they use the sacrifice of our fallen in a pathetic little game of political point scoring. These people need to check into hotel reality for a long slow session of education. The very fact that they can gather whenever and in most case wherever they wish and can spout hatred and venom against our way of life without recourse is down to the principles of freedom of speech and expression enshrined in the laws of our country. Those principles don’t even exist in the majority of countries from which some of those placard morons originate from. Above all these principles (which the majority of us take for granted) were gained at an enormous price by the very sacrifice of our fallen over the centuries.

    These people also need to understand that whilst the loss of our comrades brings us great personal pain, it’s what soldiers do. They go to war, the fight, they die, they always have and tragically, they always will – live with it. When they deploy on operations, they go as part of a team, a section, a platoon, troop, Company, Squadron, Battalion, Regiment and it’s what makes them tick. This bond is unique and is something a non-military person will never understand. In the final analysis, they really don’t give a shit about the rights, wrongs and politics of why they are there, they care only about the man/woman standing beside them and of they’re families back home – that’s it, nothing complicated.

    Everyone using this site needs to be aware that lurking in the background of the boards are journo scum looking for a cheap story, tree huggers, trolls, enemy intelligence assets (yip!) and even the likes of Abu Galloway himself . These people read our comments, think they understand us and try to use our words for self gain – well wrong, wrong and wrong again.

    Now there are those out there who’ll say what about the likes of Rose Gentle? she takes part in these events and blames Tony Blair for the loss of her son. Well, she is expressing freedom of speech and good luck to her. Despite this, remember Rose is a mother who is still traumatized and grieving at the loss of her beloved son and my heart goes out to her and every other service family who’ve lost loved ones in Iraq and other places. They have my deepest sympathy and utter respect. The fact that scum like Galloway use a mother’s grief to make cheap political statements is bang out of order. To all of those turds on my Christmas card list above hear this - leave our the families of our fallen well the fcuk alone and accord them the compassion and respect they deserve

    Lest we Forget
  2. Muzzle,

    Here here, that maggot Galloway should rot in hell. I commend and salute your comments. These maggots to society as i call them should be publicy burned at the stake, harsh but fair i feel!

    i am with you all the way on this.
  3. I think you should turn your anger on Tony Blair/George Bush. Without Blair's deception - and obedience to George Bush, no matter what, all of the British fallen (as well as thousands of innocent Iraqis, bombed into oblivion) would still be alive.

    Your quote 'how fcukin dare they use the sacrifice of our fallen in a pathetic little game of political point scoring' - would be better levelled at Blair/Bush, not at George Galloway who's a Daily Mail type scapegoat and very convenient to blame for their cerebrally (spelling changed - this originally contained a rogue 'e')challenged readers.
  4. Muzz

    Couldn’t agree more on all of your statement one point though, those 'Muslim' (Used in a loose fashion) placard waving idiots with 'death' to this or that idealism they don’t like, if I was to do the same but with 'death to rag heads', being a white, tax paying, law abiding citizen of this country of ours, how long before I was arrested for inciting racial hatred?

    Many of our fellow civvy citizens don't give a toss about the sacrifices made by our service personnel, been out a couple of months now and peoples ignorance to service life is immense. As you say best get on with it, educate those who ask and those whose views are somewhat distorted.
  5. Fcukin spot om Muzzleflash. Personally I see it as an afront to absolutely everything that these
    foreign bastards (note to BBC when did Islamic terrorists suddenly become british? As in
    'A British man was arrested for (insert crime against the people of the UK here), and then they
    come out with a Muslim name!!!) are demonstrating wherever and whenever they like, demanding
    the destruction of a society that pays them a fortune in benefits. Obviously our society doesn't offend
    them that much. Get the fcukin lot of them on a coach for Stansted.
  6. They are not British. They are just passport holders. The days of when a British passport was something to be proud of & cherished have sadly long gone. All thanks to bLIAR & his trotsky followers that have infested every public body in our society. Which includes the Home office & thier shambles of a passport office. Bitter ??? You bet !!!!

    Regards LT.
  7. Frenchperson. I've seen some of your other entries and its clear where your views lie, in fact you might even be part of my christmas card list, but please don't even try to pull that blair/bush, civilian casuality, Abu Galloway pish on me -I'm not interested mate. The points raised regard the abuse of our hard won society and above all, the manipulation of the familys of our fallen- disagree? bite me.
  8. As is my custom when replying to non-NAAFI threads, I stress that I am NOT Brit or military, however, WELL DONE THAT MAN. The only thing this world needs is a return to Empire. I stand ready for correction, but famine and genocide were unknown under the Raj. The days of responsibility for ones actions are gone. Pride in Queen and Country have been replaced by "society is to blame", and a handout mentality. Of course the more scum with their snout in the welfare trough makes it easier for leftist governments to get elected, which is why once great countries find themselves overrun by the refuse of the third world. Then again, I may just be a bluff old traditionalist.
  9. Sounds good to me, more or less my views as well
  10. Spot on muzzleflash - well said m8
  11. Filthyphil + Polyglory
    Much as it pains me to admit it, but i feel/think you have a legitimate point
    I must be getting old and bitter cynical and slightly right-wing
    but hey, i've earned the right to have my opinions.
    Like most of the contributors to this site, i've served in the military a good part of my adult life and i'll be damned if my, my comrades and fellow servicemens/womens sacrifices and bravery will be belittled for petty political point scoring
    Message to ALL politicians
    Beggar off and accept the fact ALL servicemen have the right to complain and criticise, and probably more so than our contemporary civilian counterparts.
    Rant over
  12. Quote attributed to the great WSC, " If a man at twenty is not a socialist he has no heart. If a man at thirty is not a conservative, he has no brain."
  13. Erm... hang on a bloody minute. I read the Mail and I can assure you I'm far from 'cereberally [sic] challenged'. Apart from the Torygraph, it's about the only paper that's worth reading these days. Yeah I've read some stuff recently that's made me scoff with cynicism: 'He believed he was doing a worthwhile job for the liberated people of Iraq.' (Really?); but on the whole, most of what's written I wholeheartedly concur with.

    I personally feel our society - or society 'as-we-know-it (Jim)', is terminally ill. Morals have been diluted, bastardised and inverted to an extent that they're virtually unrecognisable to what they were until comparatively recently - certainly within the last twenty years.

    What went wrong? Undoubtedly we are now paying the Butcher's Bill for years of insane ultra-liberalism: a self-inflicted fatal wound on our society. Have I had enough? Yes I have. Can I fix it? No - and I wouldn't be allowed to even if I did have the wherewithal. What's to do? Buggered if I know. I do know one thing though. When one group within society can openly incite murder in the nation's capital (or anywhere else for that matter) by carrying placards calling for the beheading of infidels & non-believers - and escape prosecution; yet another group is dragged before the courts for criticising another, it is clear that something is very wrong - especially when the latter seemingly vindicates the former.

    I think this is the tip of the frozen lettuce and it's going to get a whole lot worse - with possibly no end in sight. The naivete of a minority liberal elite has literally sleepwalked us in to a multi-cultural minefield, and is now agog as to what to do about it. Fences are there for a purpose, and these cnuts have torn them all down. And now were going to pay... and heavily.
  14. I have to say I agree with all that has been said. The future does not look bright. With all todays problems is it wise that no government will set a limit on the number of people that can be packed into UK. We can't live in harmony, open space is fast running out, social problems abound and now the second largest religion in UK wants blood to be shed over a cartoon. The police allow one side to hold banners calling for death and hatred yet only months ago they were happy to use force against well behaved countryside alliance protesters. Government and the police do not treat all sides fairly in whatever despute. A group will protest about anything. Stella McCartney I see is in the press due to a pub serving camel pies, now watch the animal rights people make a move. Dare I say it but just may be Sadam was the best option as a leader for the majority of people in Iraq!
  15. Am I the only one who thinks that if all this PC shite goes on much longer, we'll be seeing a swing in the country's mentality back to the right, followed by a new set of race riots and all that?