Enough is enough!!!



One of my unfortunate soldiers has had to endure yet again bad mismanagement from MCM div. This would be the 19th career foul in the last ten years. The guy is at his wits end, and I as his boss would like to help. The CoC are fighting his corner however he has asked me to investigate whether he can place in a redress of grievance or service complaint against individuals in that dept.

Is there a final officer in the CoC of MCM div that the redress can directly go to?

MCM div from my experience can turn into nasty and vindictive people when poked. I believe there is a prejudice against this soldier whom if signed off our corps will lose a valuable and talented soldier.

Any help will be appreciated.
contact details are on armynet
Bluntslane is spot on, your meant to raise it through your CoC, but he is well within rights to send it to the Service Complaints Commissioner who will forward it to the exact department that needs to deal with it, and also ensure its properly investigated

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