Enormous US gun & ammo sellout!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. I guess people don't trust BH0's statements on the 2nd Amd, and what he considers as "sensible restrictions"...

    Check out :




    they've got almost nothing self-loading in 7.62x39, 308 or 223 left, nor the ammunition to feed them!

    For the first time ever, it seems that ammo availability is actually higher over this side of the pond than the other.

    I bet Bud has sold enough in the last 2 months to retire comfortably on.
  2. Oh, just to add: about a day after the election, a statement appeared on BH0's website saying that he & Biden supported making the misleadingly-titled 1994 "assault wpns act" permanent, despite a series of radio ads by a Dem anti-gun front group by the name of the American Hunters & Sportsmens association (IIRC) during the campaign that he supported the 2nd Amd.
  3. I have a gun shop round the corner he's been closed for weeks now. He has sold his entire inventory since BO took office. He is hard pressed to get any new inventory and is considering retirement.

    I had contact with a person that works for a major gun distributor/dealer and she said that after the election results in Nov. they moved 2.4 million dollars worth of guns in 3 days.

    I can't go to the range as I don't want to deplete my stock pile and the range has no ammo for sale.

    Cheaper Than Dirt is sold out in just about every kind of ammunition available. Example 9MM is near non-existent.
  4. Having looked further, it appears that really only shotguns and their ammunition are unaffected. Even obscure centrefire calibres seem to have all but the most expensive ammunition sold out.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Now is this run on guns so's people can get them while they still can, or is it to actually defend their rights to these guns? :twisted:
  6. Fecking hell, looking at some of that guys stock now.

    P90s, Barret 50s? I'd love to have a range day with some of those!
  7. I believe it is partly so that they can get them while they can, plus if they re-enact the 1994 act, they will all be worth a butt load of money, so it is a great investment at this point.

    Ammunition is gone because of economic uncertainty and the possibility of restrictions (a punitive ammunition tax, for instance.)

    Basically, they don't trust the guys in government, and any gun owner who believe what was said on the campaign trail and ignored the records of BH0 & Biden is an utter, utter fool.

    Now hopefully they will be too bogged down with other stuff to be able to do any gun control (which I suspect they will conveniently forget is a vote loser if they have the time,) and the Republicans will take an enormous chunk out of the Democrat majorities in the house in 2010 if the current administration keeps going the way it is, which will render the point moot.
  8. Will this have a knock on effect to reloading components comeing into the uk guys?
  9. Possibly. There are discussions by the anti-gunners to include reloading equipment and supplies in any new legislation. One of the major efforts underway are to micro tag ammunition, and they see reloading equipment and supplies as a loophole that needs closing.

    As it stands right now there is little chance that any outright gun ban is possible so they are going to try and come in through the backdoor by impossing high taxes and regulations on ammunition. If they can make the bullets to costly they hope to make the firearm ineffective...........

    Would be why you can't find bullets at the moment...
  10. Tin foil hat time! Are they getting ready to disarm the militias? Is this the end of the 2nd ammendment?
  11. Had someone offer me $1000 for my H&K USP .40 the other day, I only paid $500 for it new a few years back, when I said "No not selling it" he offered me $600 for my shotgun, paid $200 a few years back.

    This is a sellers market....
  12. You should see what a transferable STEN goes for...
  13. What was that famous comment? "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" :D

    Surely the answer must be to reload
    en masse. :D