Enoggera Barracks

Discussion in 'Australia' started by hurrahfortheRE, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm soon to be deploying on EX LONG LOOK and should be going to Enoggera Barracks with 2 CER If anyone has any top tips and handy information about the area and Brisbane itself I would appreciate a little bit of an insight.

    Cheers in advance

  2. Bring lots of money. Enoggera is very close to the Gold Coast - theme parks, Pubs, Casinos and many other ways to blow money. You should have a great time - but beware - exercises (if you go on any) are dry. There are no pubs very close to Enoggera but there is a nice Indian Restaurant about 5 mins walk from the gate, you have to take your own booze though (BYO restaurants are big in Aus).
  3. no pubs near ennoggra?
    the alderley
    the newmarket
    samford hotel
    stafford tavern
    broncos leauges at ashgrove

    mate there is heaps
    and yeah lots of money
    brisbane is still a very slow paced (redneck) country town but in a city
    not much exiting in the city

    its fucken dry too we had about 6 months rain in 3 nights just gone and its bone dry and dusty again already

    go the gold coast its worth it for the perv if anything its heaps touristy and just right for a first visitor
  4. Taxis are a nightmare; if you're going out Fri/Sat PM, get a designated driver and go in a private car, or you'll queue for aaaaaaages at a cab rank. The cabbies are (now) mostly foreign students who know NOTHING! WHATSOEVER! about Brisbane topography. The Story Bridge, the CBD, the airport, RB Hospital- all major landmarks, and they don't know where they are. They're shit drivers, too, bloody dangerous.

    Public transport is fucked too.

    (this applies everywhere in Bris., not just Enoggera)
  5. Fixed that for you.
  6. No arguing with that! :D
  7. Not sure what the Kit List is like but I remember being at Gallipoli Barracks when some 2RTR and 3GR blokes turned up in the late 90s with loads of stuff they didn't need.

    Suffice to say, even though it will be autumn/winter in Oz when you go remember that it is not nearly as cold as the UK. Take CS95, Smock, Waterproofs. No need for any other cold weather gear.

    Also, no need to waste space with the likes of Service Dress or even Mess Kit really (just take a DJ). Like recent changes in the UK, the equivalent of CS95 is routinely dress of the day. You will get a good laugh out of the Aussie Mess Kit if they hold a function for you. It is rubbish!

    Enoggera is a nice area though and is a prize posting. 2 CER is getting bigger. At the moment it has 3 Sqns but is going to raise another 2.
  8. Those of us who have to wear it aren't laughing (white jacket, that is - Mess Dress 6A is a fair bit smarter). White Jacket is a horrid thing. "WAITER! MORE BEER PLEASE!"

    Once upon a time (up to c. WWI) my Regiment wore proper cavalry mess dress, but the boganisation of our funny little Army continues apace.
  9. Head up to the Sunshine Coast, the beaches are better as they don't get a shadow cast on them by the high rise hotels.

    If you go away for the weekends look at lastminute.com or wotif.com for good hotel deals at either of the coasts...oh, and don't rely on the public transport either as mentioned earlier, it really is fcuked.
  10. That would be why only the Ruperts get it.

    And once upon a time? Once upon a time your regiment had horses and had a combat role, too... :p
  11. Fucked, I tell you, fucked, fucked, fucked. :D

    Edited to add; Fucking cabbies don't fucking speak fucking English, either.

  12. Thanks for the info I am looking forward to the whole experience, I'll bear the taxi fiasco in mind. :soldier:

  13. Just don't go AWOL by going up to Kakadu National Park for two weeks like a bloke I met on Long Look in '97. He got 14 extras though - one for each day he was 'AWOL'. Drank the Mess Bar dry though whilst he was there though! Must have been the great exchange rate back then :)
  14. I have to say that if you get the chance, on a bank Holiday Sunday night. The Normanby Hotel, about 10 mins in a taxi away.


    gutted I was attached and faithful at that time. my jaw was on the floor ALL night
  15. Ahhhh, yes, 'The Norm' occupies a special place in my memory. What's left of it.