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  1. [​IMG]
    Is that what you meant when you said you for for the high jump Daddy?
  2. You been on the meths again?
  3. Caption contest:

    Girls - "Watch your pogo doesn't slip on those rivers of blood, daddy!"
  4. Knickers, meant to post this on 'come and have a go if you think your funny enough' thread, can a nice MOD move it?
  5. Displaying those very qualities that took him from Private to being the youngest Brigadier in the British Army.
  6. Recommended for a commission after a visiting Brigadier asked Private Powell a question while he (Pvt Powell) was doing cookhouse fatigues and got a Greek proverb by way of reply (according to Wikipedia). A ludicrous story; imagine, a Brigadier who can understand Greek.

    Enoch deserves his own thread, slightly nuts but a very capable man.
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  7. Michael Carver was the youngest Brigadier of the war at age 29. Powell was already in his 30s when he was promoted Brigadier:

    Field Marshal Lord Carver - Telegraph
  8. Wise man:

    The Trident missile programme seemed to him to be a waste of money and manpower which could have been better utilised on conventional arms. As for the stockpiles of 50,000 nuclear weapons, they could never be required unless the holders had decided on a policy of genocide and suicide.

  9. Not that wise, if he thought the Treasury might spend Trident money on conventional arms....

    Enoch may have been second youngest brigadier, but he was a lot more astute when it came to politics....