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Enlistment Discretion.

This topic is essentially a question of etiquette and so I appologize if it seems trivial, but, I would be grateful if I could have your opinions on this matter and thus save myself a potential loss of face at the ACIO.

My situation is this:

I was recently passed through the AD&SC course and, in theory, should now report to my local ACIO to enlist and subsequently toddle off to ITC Catterick, however, the AD&SC course highlighted discrepancies between the direction in which I had been developing my fitness and the direction in which it, in actuality, needed to be developed.

In short, having had a taste of what's expected of me, I feel I would struggle (more than one is supposed to struggle) at Catterick, and think that a short, intensive period of refocussed training would correct this failing in me.

Is it then reasonable in these circumstances to request a later than immediate CIC date and thus avoid a great deal of unnecessary suffering, (it strikes me that Catterick will be brutal enough without approaching it illprepared,) or, is it expected of me to go to Catterick as soon as possible?

Thank you for your time.
Just phone your ACIO and ask them to put back your Start dates. When i phoned mine to find out my date they asked had i been training etc... Just phone and say i feel ive been doing the wrong training to prepare and want some time to adjust the training to help with phase 1.

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