Enlistment Dilemma

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rugby_Mad, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Right guys heres my problem, I just passed selection but now need to go back to ADSC to re-sit a TST test. But since I was only 2 marks off a pass with my first attempet with no revision, I'm pretty confident that if I hit the books I'll pass. However i cannot start phase one untill September 08.

    So what I'm really asking is whether there is a limit between fully passing ADSC and starting your phase one training?

    Any replys much appreicated:D
  2. to be honest if you have been given a place from selection, i would'nt really worrie about. its probably just to tidy up the paperwork.
  3. ahh cheers mate....

    so there is no time limit?
  4. not sure what the limits are, i know infantry can be like 2 weeks after selection because they take them in 2 weekly
  5. hey, well i googled tst brittish army maths test, reason being i just went in for selection and was 7 marks of the 35 i needed to get the job i applied for in the army. i was wondering if there were mock tests or revision papers similar to the one i did previos!?!

    probably not.it being the army and all... but well all i need to do is revise that littlew extra more to get those arks, shame its a 2.5 h journey, for a 45 minute test...

    help would be welcomed unconditionally.
  6. Do you have to redo the whole selection process again? Or just the TST?
  7. i only have to do the tst.. but still annoyed it the day b4 my gces exams...

    just wondering if any one has got like.. past papaers for it!?!
  8. My CA gave me a past paper, so yours might do the same if you asked.
  9. i stand corrected
  10. By this I take it your asking if you have to go back by a certain date to do your TST???

    I had a few applicants like this who were advised by the PSO not to go back for at least a month to give them planty of time to revise the GCSE Revision booklets and give themselves a better chance of passing. I take it from what you've written your year 11 at the moment hoping to go to AFC in September if so the other problem you have is spaces running out on the CEG you want on the September intake............but the only good thing on your side there is that if you require a TST you will also need proof of your grades the end of August when released to confirm the place.

    You need to go in and speak to your recruiter and tell them that you would prefer to do your TST again once your exams are out the way June /July time so it doesnt interfere with exam results (dont go and do a TST two days before exams or it might mess things up)
    If I was your recruiter I would probably advise you to do exams, then do TST in June/July and hopefully pass recruit selection fully...wait for exam results around 24th August and then hopefully get put on Septembers AFC. When are you 17.1 if its before December you have more chance of being loaded on Septembers intake has you only have one look and too old before January.

    Speak to you recruiter who will more than likely advise the same as the exam results are extremely important for you if going in a trade.