enlistment ceremony?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by betty_swollocks, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. hi, ive just recieved a letter from my careers office informing me that my enlistment ceremony will be in a hall in front of the mayor, mayoress, MY family and members of the local press. both t.v and cameras, with 14 other recruits. in my naivety i was under the impression that i would just be required to stand in an office at the careers office and recite words to an officer. is this standard procedure? or are we getting special treatment? because im sh1ting myself at the thought of standing in front of all these people and somehow finding a way to make a pratt of myself 8)
  2. Why would the Local Press bring their family? 8O

    On a serious note, i have no idea.
  3. :) edited to your satisfaction?
    p.s can i have your address so i can bum you to death for wasting all of the ten seconds of my life it took to read your reply and for the further 30 seconds it took for me to write this pointless bullocks which could have been put to better use looking at porn.

  4. In a hall? I thought that they were holding them outside Burger King nowadays.....next to the KAPE tour caravan.
  5. I just sat in an office with two other chavvy chaps and recited words back to an officer. Done in 5 mins, then left. No ceremony except alleigance to the Queen and that.

    Hahahaha! Good luck!! :p
  6. well i did mine in the tower of london with a group of other people but we all ended up in harrogate so i assumed it was something to do with that, oh and the local paper was there i got abuse for that photo for months after.
  7. yeh im off to harragate in a couple of months so must be somethin to do with that, how long did your ceremony last? and whats harrogate like?
  8. um 10 minutes maybe then we had photos taken outside for the press, then we all got free tea and biscuits :D maybe a hour in total. It was just over two years ago now bit hard to remember exactly. Harrogates a good laugh its was a bit wierd spending so much time in a classroom, wasnt really expecting to spend as time in them as we did. Its good fun through they took me paintball and alton towers on the cheap,:p bet not many people got to do that in training.
  9. cheers mate spose it cant be that bad if you get free biscuits...just all seems a bit pointless to be honest. well looking forward to harrogate though, does seem a laugh. how hard was the first six weeks?
  10. It is normally done in the careers office but sometimes they do make an event of it. Just enjoy the day.
  11. ill admit the first 6 weeks were hard but i understand its a lot easier than doing basic anywhere else. Its the change of enviroment that makes it so hard just keep going i promise you will enjoy it, there were a couple of nice birds doing training while i was there, you might get that as well(hint they all do horse riding as a sport and skill thing) oh and that reminds me its compusory to do a sport and a skill thing but u got plenty of choice and some of them take you places. The rugby league team went to aussie i think the rugby union team went america. It was the time of my life.
  12. Many,many moons ago when I was ATTESTED as is the correct term I had a copy of the certificate which had the "I Swear by true alliegence" Text on it and was signed by the attesting officer and is dated May 1986 and framed in my hallway ...fooking hell that was ages AGO! If I remember correctly I was given a days pay in cash (They don`t do that now) and it was done in an office at the ACIO

    Re read post

    Youth it isn`t pointless in anyway but you`ll learn that fooker
  13. 3miles did mine in 86 and mine was done the same mate!!
  14. I've got the same thing happening to me, me and 20 other people are enlisting, meeting the major, press going to be there all of that sort of thing, seems a bit weird to me.

    mines on the 19th december, maybe it's to make us feel valued or something, how about they do this for the guys coming back from ops in AFG or Iraq, instead of 'done nothing recruits' like me!

    oh well, my gran might like to see me in the paper for something that doesn't involve animal molestation :D
  15. The photo is probably to show the local press that...

    ...Yes, the army is enlisting tellytubbies!!!

    enjoy the day, because time will just fly and the ceremony will soon become a distant memory along with millions of others :p