Enlistment at 33 - Answer some questions please?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by here_be_mike, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi just read the post about enlistment being raised to 33. I know this doesnt include commissions but does you know if its even in the pipeline? Got a brother who always wanted to join but by the time he pulled the finger out after uni he was too old (graduated a few years ago with 2:1 master in history). Sombody mentioned that if you join the ranks at 33 youd have a faster rate of promotion, any rough time frames i could tell him to get him interested?
  2. Joining the ranks at 33 with a masters in history would be a very foolish undertaking imho. if your brother had always wanted to join then maybe he sould have pulled his finger out earlier. might be worth checking the TA out so he can see what he has been missing?
  3. Yeah I know it would be foolish considering the others jobs open to him, but managerial jobs just dont interest him, he also wants job satisfaction a rare thing these days true especially in his position. Also he only graduated at 29 so had already missed the max age for Sandhurst, the pulling the finger out was relating to going to uni to study his hobby. Id read about the enlistment age being raised to 33 and instantly thought this also included commissions, only checking the fine print after telling him about hit did I find out it doesnt. So trying to get some good out of a bad situation.
  4. Not being able to attain pips isn't too great a issue - lots of damned good blokes didn't. Significant that he does not get a buzz from managerial - possible he would have been an officer doing just that. Easiest way to see what it is about is to put his papers in and see what he gets. Better be damned good with the fitness though.
  5. Chances are that if he was really serious, he'd probably get on fairly well given his maturity.

    However, it would take a fairly special person to get through basic at that age - not because of the fitness, which at 33 you should still be able to crack, but because it is completely geared to sorting out 16-19 year old oiks!

    I'm 33 now, if I had to do basic for the first time, I think I'd find it silly to be honest. All that shouting etc that you react to when you are young, at 33 it would have a greatly lessened effect, and I'm not sure I could stop myself from laughing my tits off, and therefore getting constantly bollocked and bad attitude reports in the process. You'd also be such an auld cnut I think you would feel disassociated from everyone else there, including your DS full screws who would probably be at least 5 years younger, maybe as much as 10 in some cases.

    As mentioned, I'm sure a determined person could overcome it, but I don't believe I could. It was alright when I was 18, but wouldn't be now.
  6. Never considered that! Just told him the bad new about Sandhurst bar not being raised and he doesnt fancy going in. Like you he would end up laughing his ass off and find the whole thing rather annoying/pointless. He doesnt mind going into the ranks its just he wants to get a decent living/wage out of it hence why he jumped at the chance for Sandhurst. Shall see how the whole thing is sitting after a few days of mulling it over, was just hoping he would go for it as then it would mean less stick of the folks about my ambitions to join :p
  7. He'd have the same problems at Sandhurst too, which is geared at sorting out slightly more educated and slightly older oiks and making them talk with a ridiculous fake accent. The only bonus to that would be that when he came out as a sprog 2nd Lt, people would automatically assume he was an ex ranker and therefore he would be in a reasonable position. But as its all moot, thats probably that.

    There are other government organisations that offer interesting work he could join though, which are not so dependent on age; I'd suggest he start there.
  8. Much depends on his own maturity.

    As for his degree - it can only work to his advantage, there are many soldiers (not officers) with good degrees and masters degrees in some cases, who have chosen to serve in the ranks.

    As for using his degree - well he can forget that if he stays a soldier, if it were electronics or something then perhaps but there is not much call for history.

    As an aside -and it is perhaps worth checking this out with someone more informed, but the AGC commissions into the ETS from Cpl - so if he joined the RMP, he would make Cpl as a matter of course. He could then apply for a commission - like I say, it has only just occured to me so might be complete rubbish.
  9. Hi, I know this is my first ever post but trust me I've been treading Arrse for the past couple of years. With regards to enlisting at 33yrs it is feasible, especially with the AGC when you can now serve (supposedly) until 55yrs, 22yr service get the pension, so why not. Can't say I'd be keen on doing basic as a 33 year old as it can't have changed that much, can it....... :?:

  10. There are a number of negative replies to your question. For what its worth, my opinion is that if he wants to join he should go for it whole-heartedly. He would be well advised to consider carefully what trade group and cap-badge he joins. He should also be aware that he will be training with others who are considerably younger, less well educated and motivated than he may be. Less the motivation, this also applies to the training Cpls. I read a book years ago written by a former WWII Lancaster pilot who joined the French Foreign Legion at 36 and, IIRC, got into 2REP. It can be done by fit individuals!

    You brother could potentially follow his dream and have a full 22yr career as a soldier. With his age he is unlikely to be an Direct Entry (DE)officer but could go LE quite easily in 10 years time if he chooses cap-badge well and is a bit of a flyer. Individuals who join late often get promoted more quickly as they are more mature than average.

    I have met so many people who nearly joined the Army but didn't for some reason and really regret it. If he doesn't try he may always have that nagging doubt as to what could have been. If he does join and doesn't like it then he can leave after four years.

    Tell him to start running.