I am 19 years old. I am studying a degree in Archaeology and Geology at University College Dublin. I was born to both British parents in London, aged 4 we moved to Ireland. I hold dual nationality. I would consider myself British, I think.

I will finish my degree when I am 21.

I left the Irish version of the TA today. I was on the Battalion's shooting team and would have been on my Company's orienteering team if I had not left. I had held the rank of Private 2 star.

What I would like to do is seek a commission into the British Army after my degree. I'm not sure which regiment, perhaps the Royal Engineers, but then I didn't get a great grade in Maths in my exams. I wouldn't intend it to be a career for life, serving 8 years at most. Some of you might scorn that, but it is something I want to do, but I don't want to do it for life.

My only problem I have with it is my Irish connections. What I am worried about is whether I would suffer any bullying or discrimination due to having resided in Ireland. I have still got a largely English accent, probably due to going back and forth from the UK and my parent's accents. Do any of you who have served think that will be an issue.

Also, joining at 21...will that be an issue? And will there be many opportunities to box in the army?

Also will my military experience here stand for much? And boxing at University?

Other than that are there any particular regiments that would spring to mind as good ones to consider joining?

J-W there are plenty of Irish members of the Army, and I would not worry about bullying etc. With your previous military experience and your age I would say that you be at more of an advantage than the average recruit.


When you finish your degree you will be in the perfect situation to apply for Officer. You will have some life experience, Army experience and a degree. The ideal candidate.

Honestly the Armed Forces are very diverse places these days. During my brief few weeks in training for the Royal Marines my troop had two Scottish guys, with extreme accents. It had two South African guys and a guy from St. Vincent along with geordies, scousers, yorkies, cockneys, the lot!

There will probably be a little bit of banter about it, just like with all the lads. But I imagine with Officer training you should also be with significantly maturer/more intelligent lads (not necessarily, but likely) , like yourself reducing the chance of having immature, cocky twats in the troop. But then there is always one in a troop! :p

But seriously, bullying is zero tolerance within the Army, you won't have any trouble! You shouldn't let it even concern you, you are probably over thinking everything.


Bullying no.
Urine-extracting, that's a totally different kettle of fish then Patrick.

Any military experience is useful provided you don't blow your top about it and just use it as a personal help.

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