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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by HappyLarry, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. I read on Wikipedia that in the US Army soldiers who enlist with a degree go straight to rank E-4, though as a Specialist which means NOT a NCO.
    What if anything does it mean to enlist in the British Army with a university degree? Does it bring any advantages with advancement, pay, selection or anything?
  2. The only difference is advancement if you go to RMAS as an Officer Cadet. Graduates are given rank seniority based on the length and type of degree up to 4.5 years for a Masters.

    In reality this means that they commission as a 2Lt but are paid as a Lt (with the appropriate annual increment increase) and will be eligable for promotion after 12 months. A non grad has to wait longer and starts on the bottom of the pay sine.

    I haven't heard of any advancement for the blokes
  3. but for enlisted soldiers?
  4. you'll get called brains or a student ****, thats about it.
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  5. Depends. If, for example, you have a degree in advanced electronic engineering, you can be pre-selected for Artificer training (acting Sgt with SSgt on completion of course) but you'd also have to have experience in electronics.
    Normally, no difference at all. Quite a few Int Corps ORs have degrees as do many others. Promotion is on time and quality just like all the others.
    (As an aside, when I did a brief stint as an instructor for Signals personnel, three out of the training squad of 8 had degrees. None were fast-tracked)
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Not even that really, although you do occasionally get asked by one of the lads to help with officialdom in the mistaken belief that your degree awards you with an insight to the Criminal Justice/Child Maintenance system.
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  7. I may be talking out my arse, but I belive someone joining a Field Hospital unit with a medical degree/qualified medical position will automatically be "ranked".

    I also seem to recall from a talk given by a Major in the RMAC (TA) that he did a 2 week course at RMAS and got the rank of Captain as his day job was Chief Registrar.
  8. Over here doctors do the "knives and forks course" which is about 2 weeks and then they get chucked their captains pips.
  9. ...and they weren't necessarily brighter or more intelligent than those without degrees.

  10. What is it with people getting degrees thinking they should have stuff handed on a plate?

    In all walks of life not just forces. I appreciate a first in medicine or something, but a 2;2 in toilet seat design does not warrant anyone a golden hello.
  11. its not just the knowledge that we've gained academically that entitles us to ma-hoo-sive salaries.

    for instance, if i crime was committed in my place of work my extensive investigative powers garnered from 4 years of studying murder she wrote and columbo

    "just one last question"

    would make me the ideal candidate to look into this (similarly with audits), in these times of austerity i have an eye for reducing waste (turn all the lights and heating off) and with a degree in countdown i could pretty much walk into a job as a futures broker.
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  12. Medical staff with degrees are not what the OP was asking about. Professionally Qualified Officers (PQOs) do a 10 week course at Sandhurst and are commissioned, not joining up in the ranks. These include doctors, dentists, vets, lawyers and chaplains. Don't think a qualified doctor would join up as a private and be promoted to Sgt, for example.