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I'm new on the forums, and am sorry if I added this in the wrong place. I'm a citizen of Ireland, and the united states, and I want to serve the British Army, and don't know where to start.
Contact a Careers office or look on the Army website.
I did, but they were no help, so I did more research, and found I was indeed correct, the recruiter made absolutely no sense, first I hear as long as I use my Irish Passport, and not the US passport, then he says only British nationals, then it just turns to random confusing babble, I have records from the convorsation, and on the Army's web site it says that citizens of the republic of Ireland can join, Ill give you the link.


look for the USA question, the answer explains the republic of Ireland, all I want to do is serve the British Army.
Go on www.armyjobs.mod.uk and ask to talk to an online careers officer and give him more details. Ive a sneeking suspicion you wont be able to with dual nationality and if you havent got a british passport but they will be able to advise you better with current RI's.

My advice
Try not to give too much detail of yourself on here and leave it to the confidential chat on line with the recruiter.
Roman_Legion said:
I was on that earlier, it was no help, and why cant I join with dual citizenship?
It all depends what is in the current Recruiting Instuctions RI's (the bible) and seeing im not in the job anymore cant ellaborate. The only people who can is those people in the know ( the ones who you dont think make sense) and that is current recruiters who will give you the full details and what eligabilities are for you personally. As said its no point coming on here asking for questions that only the experts can answer and then questioning their responses. The online officers will give you the information you require and will pass you onto the overseas cell if your eligable. I would reflect on the nonsense you think they told you and if your not too sure of the response go back on and ask again. As said these lads on there DO KNOW what there talking about. Hope things go well for you.
or just use my Irish passport and go there, I guess. I have been talking to another recruiter, and he says yes, maybe the other one earlier didnt 100% understand what I was trying to say.


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There are plenty of lads in the Mick Gds from South of the Border cant see any probs.
RMA1 said:
There are plenty of lads in the Mick Gds from South of the Border cant see any probs.
As said previously the dual citizenship could be a problem especially being a US citizen, you have to be honest as it will come out on your CTC and if you lie it will come back to haunt you. As said unless the recruiters have the full facts in black and white they cannot give you a full explanation before it is sent to the overseas cell for scrutiny. Hopefully it will be ok but there are lots of other factors here for the recruiter to work out. Just go with the flow.


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Also a couple of Canuks in Jock Div. if thay can do it. Come to think about it there was some Septics Too.
Roman_Legion said:
I'm new on the forums, and am sorry if I added this in the wrong place. I'm a citizen of Ireland, and the united states, and I want to serve the British Army, and don't know where to start.
Check your PM's.
thank you, I thought it was just me, my British friends told me when I showed them the logs from my convorsation with the recruiter, they told me the recruiter didnt seem to know what he was talking about. Ill make a second post with the log. made no sense to me.
07/03/2007 05:34:47PM System: "Welcome to the British Army Online Careers Office"
07/03/2007 05:34:48PM Session Started with Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves)
07/03/2007 05:34:48PM Jared Taylor: "I have dual citizenship between the US and the republic of ireland, can I join the British Army?"
07/03/2007 05:34:52PM System: "Welcome to the Online Office. Please be patient, the recruiters are chatting with up to 6 people at the same time. Ask your questions, but please give them time to respond."
07/03/2007 05:35:06PM Jared Taylor: "hello"
07/03/2007 05:35:13PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "no sorry as one has to be British"
07/03/2007 05:35:58PM Jared Taylor: "it says on your site that citizens of Ireland are."
07/03/2007 05:37:51PM Jared Taylor: "could I join to become a citizen of Britain?"
07/03/2007 05:37:55PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "yes U could but U hold another nationality which should be British"
07/03/2007 05:38:00PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "no sorry"
07/03/2007 05:38:24PM Jared Taylor: "yes to which part, Irish?"
07/03/2007 05:38:54PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "yes"
07/03/2007 05:39:06PM Jared Taylor: "I would really like to serve the british Armed forces"
07/03/2007 05:40:07PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "if U just held a British passport only U could apply"
07/03/2007 05:41:22PM Jared Taylor: "how could I get one?"
07/03/2007 05:41:39PM Jared Taylor: "are Irish citizens allowed to get one?"
07/03/2007 05:42:01PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "sorry just an Irish passport and not an US one U could join"
07/03/2007 05:42:53PM Jared Taylor: "so the Irish passport can get myself a British one?"
07/03/2007 05:43:09PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "no the Irish passport U could apply"
07/03/2007 05:43:27PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "but not with 2 passport one of which is not British"
07/03/2007 05:43:37PM Jared Taylor: "so I use an Irish passport then right?"
07/03/2007 05:43:52PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "yes if that's the only one U hold"
07/03/2007 05:44:08PM Jared Taylor: "I dont need to use a US passport, just an Irish one"
07/03/2007 05:44:26PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "ok ur a dual national?"
07/03/2007 05:45:03PM Jared Taylor: "yes"
07/03/2007 05:45:53PM Jared Taylor: "so I am able to serve?"
07/03/2007 05:46:14PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "not unless one of your nationalities is British"
07/03/2007 05:46:23PM Jared Taylor: "?"
07/03/2007 05:46:37PM Jared Taylor: "but I'm a citizen of Ireland"
07/03/2007 05:46:48PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "or U only hold one passport is that is Irish"
07/03/2007 05:47:18PM Jared Taylor: "well I will only hold an Irish passport then"
07/03/2007 05:47:23PM Jared Taylor: "thats no problem"
07/03/2007 05:47:53PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "call this number they can explain it to U"
07/03/2007 05:48:03PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "02890 425718"
07/03/2007 05:48:21PM Jared Taylor: "is it free for over seas?"
07/03/2007 05:49:06PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "I am sorry you are not able to apply, to serve in the Army you have to be a UK citizen or from a British Commonwealth Country."
you know what you want to do....get your ass of the computer and go to your local afco.....makes life alot easyer and they can explan to you in ya face and am sure you shall understand alot more..gd luck
From that conversation, it sounds to me as though if you only held Irish nationality, you would be ok. But as you also hold a 2nd nationality that is not British you can't.

Irish alone, or Irish and British are OK. Irish and USA are not! - Sorry.

Please bear in mind, I have no idea of the regulations, its just what I get from your posted conversation.

Best of luck!
Actually, I think what the bloke was saying made perfect sense.

Points he was making:

1) To apply to be in the British Army, you must be a British citizen,
2) Failing that, you must be a citizen of a commonwealth country,
3) Failing that, you must be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland
4) If you hold dual-nationality as a citizen of the ROI, then one must be British.
5) If you hold dual-nationality as a citizen of the ROI, and neither is British, then you can't join.

Seems pretty straight forward actually. But you should follow the above advice and head into an AFCO, or at least speak to them on the phone.
Maybe I'm missing something here but why are you so keen to join the British army? Why not join the US army?
I think the British Army is a great opprotunity, I have always wanted to join the British Army, and stay in Britain for awhile, see the country. but like I said, whats an AFCO.

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